Sunday, January 8, 2012

things beyond my control

sometime i just wish that life could be so much simple and easy each day. things happen beyond my control. and we do bump into sucky people sometime. and again i got my life and relationships all screwed up, fallin apart. it always happens when i thought i have just found yourself a right place to be and the right people. but the reality is that its not so simple.

5years back, it happened once and this time again. i avoided the whole scenario this round because i've learned my lesson but this time there is a bitch that creates story and made the whole situation sounded horrible.

i would say i have totally nothing to do with this whole thing and the girls are just being TOO DAMN DRAMA. wtf! im so sick and tired of all these shyte la. i will just walk out of this whole damn thing and not bothering to explain myself to anyone of you all la. it just damn blardy sickening.



These girls are just being bitches and very childish ones as they want to protect their "property" from other threats. They just do not like the way u mix around with their guys but the guys likes having u around, so there is no one's fault as it takes both parties to form a group. Do whatever u like that makes u happy. If walking out of the situation sacrificing for not able to hang out with ur friends anymore and u think its worth to keep the bitches mouth shut, then just do it. You do not need to explain to anyone about it ! Friends are forever so they can't stop u from seeing them once in a while. New adventures awaits u ahead. Plan having a very relaxing and happy chinese new year without all these bullshits and there u go, a start of a brand new journey. Please talk to me anytime, anywhere as I will always be there for u and I will support u all the way in whatever u wish to do !

Hugs & Kisses,

Ninja Me!