Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flora & Fauna - Genting Blog Competition

"As the fog comes in and wind breezes, a shade of sunlight hits the face but nonetheless its ain't hot. Sounds of humming bees and chirping birds fills the sky."
The phrase above perfectly describe the weather and environment of Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands Resort is set in midst of lush natural flora and fauna of the Malaysia rainforest. As you take the skyway up Genting from Gothong Jaya you will witness the wonder of Mother Nature as the whole ground below is carpeted with the green canopy.

BTW, as you walk along the corridors in Genting you will realize that their flowers actually grows very pretty. Their colors are vibrant and they bloom so beautifully. I guess the weather provide them the best environment to grow.

Thus, I strongly believe if a person were to stay longer in Genting Highlands, the nicer completion they will have. I strongly believe is the secret magic of Genting weather. *wink!*


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