Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dedication to Genting - Genting Blog Competition

Dear Genting :

You have always been there.

I still have the picture of 'lil me riding my fav dinosaur ride in the Theme Park Hotel's indoor theme park hanging on the wall. Always reminding me of the good times I had in Genting and it is seriously something, somewhere where I grew up with. My first trip to Genting is when I was 4 years old and until today I still make trips up to Genting for the entertainment and the weather.

Well, we are never too old for the Merry-Goes-Round

Dear Genting :

I wish you great growth and future expansion.

I know Genting is the biggest theme park in  Malaysia but I still wish to see Genting growing into a more FUN-FILLED with MORE rides and entertainment to offer. When I was young, I have this Genting Annual Passport thing where I pay once to get access to Lenting for whole year round. Those days I really do goes up Genting almost every weekend. That time all I look out for is - NEW RIDES. *pssst~ it can get really boring to ride the same ride over and over again in Genting every weeks. but that is where I first found the joy of shopping in Genting =)*

Lastly :



Khatrine Lim

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hotel and Accommodation - Genting Blog Competition

The usual happening place
The normal place that I would normally stay during my trip up is *jeng jeng!* First World Hotel.
The reason behind it is so simple.

  1. It's price = Reasonable
  2. Environment = It has a SHOPPING MALL in it. *shopaholic's heaven!* Not to mention also a INDOOR THEME PARK and lotso FOOOD outlets.
  3. Convenient = Near to everything. Just have to take the escalator and you will be there. No need to go out into the COLD OUTSIDE.
Actually it has always been a fixed thing that we would stay in First World Hotel whenever we are up. Even we are not staying there, we are sure to go there also. However, one negative thing about the First World Hotel is that the rooms are REALLY small but what do you expect from a value for money room right? *cheers!* So overall, it's NOT-THAT-BAD tho. Sometime we do get unexpected upgrade to a bigger room which has 2 Queen size bed and all. It's was a pleasant stay.

First World is actually filled with lots of entertainment. My best would be the Ripley's Believe It Or Not - the one you always watch on TV featuring weird stuff. Yah~ here you get to experience it right in front of your eyes. There is alot *i meant ALOT!* of interesting for you to explore and I guarantee you that you can spend whole day just trying to solve all the mysterious stuff in there lo.

Else that just this.. Let me tell you what - First World also has much retails that you can shop in and they are always having SALES!! Trust me. Shopping in Genting is NOT expensive as most people would think and they fashion collection there are more up to date. Back in those days, I would actually goes up to Genting just to shop *evil grin!* I would call it, retail therapy *especially with the cold weather, I tend to shop more//SHOP TILL I DROP!!* =X

Try for yourself and you will know. 

Flora & Fauna - Genting Blog Competition

"As the fog comes in and wind breezes, a shade of sunlight hits the face but nonetheless its ain't hot. Sounds of humming bees and chirping birds fills the sky."
The phrase above perfectly describe the weather and environment of Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands Resort is set in midst of lush natural flora and fauna of the Malaysia rainforest. As you take the skyway up Genting from Gothong Jaya you will witness the wonder of Mother Nature as the whole ground below is carpeted with the green canopy.

BTW, as you walk along the corridors in Genting you will realize that their flowers actually grows very pretty. Their colors are vibrant and they bloom so beautifully. I guess the weather provide them the best environment to grow.

Thus, I strongly believe if a person were to stay longer in Genting Highlands, the nicer completion they will have. I strongly believe is the secret magic of Genting weather. *wink!*

Theme Park - Genting Blog Contest

Waking up to the screams of people as they shoot off into the clouds is a norm in Genting. I remember being all hyped up whenever I wakes up in Genting, knowing its a brand new days filled with .

Why am I excited ?
I'm heading to the theme park today !!
Can you find a reason not to be excited? NO.

Genting Outdoor Theme Park

The first ride that I normally looks forward to in the outdoor theme park would be the 'Cockscrew'. I would say this is one of the oldest and ever AWESOME roller coaster you can ever find in Malaysia. It would keep you screaming at the top of your lungs with it's sudden slopes, 360 degree circle, velocity and acceleration. It just gives you the adrenaline rush. *awww man~ I wish I'm in Genting now!* They have new rides such as the Pirate Ship and Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland that I've not gotten myself on and I'm looking forward to make a trip down there someday SOON!

My record : Been on this ride continuously for 16 times.
Up to date, Genting outdoor theme park houses more than 50 not boring  rides. You may spend whole day going from rides to rides, minus the queuing part - its practically a fun-filled day. Come and experience yourself, words would not express much of the excitement and fun.


Up UP you GO!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I read my whole blog.

interesting. XD

as the title says it all.

i read my blog till the end. and realize there is so much things that i've written back then.

Ninja Me!