Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last day of class after 4 years in Uni.

Today is the last day of class for my whole uni years. 4years in UTAR. Nothing much about it. Nothing memorable or so. But I can say that it has really been a journey in life. Great experience.

I still can recal the first day I'm in UTAR. It's kinda a scary place. I had cultural shock to be. LOL. The reason is that every one around speaks MANDARIN. And it's not a language that I speaks. =X But as time goes by, I realize that it's not that bad and I slowly began to speak more mandarin. It gradually became a language to me then. XD

I met alot great ppl along the way and I've lost some along the way. But I remember everything that happened and everyone that I've met. I cherish every moment we spent. It has been ups and downs, sweet and sour. Love you guys all. I will miss my Uni life. =(

18 April 2010

I got my Si Gemuk! haha.
My 1st car! woot~!!
Dint post much about it. But yah! im so proud! that i finally has an asset of my own.
However, this comes with a huge price as well. Meaning I will be RM500 poorer every month. haha.

CAR PLATE : "look kau, sam pat* AHM 6938.
<3 will post some pic when I have it. XD

Ninja Me!