Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Have A Cat *again!*

As the title says,
I have a cat again. =)
It's a orange one this time.
Orange Pascal - my new baby
I found her in UTAR's Block H, under a bench - infront of the surau.
She was meowing for the whole morning and I see she so pityful as there's no other kitten's there nor any grown cat around. I assume she is alone. So I find a box, put her in and ask my housemate, Mei to bring her home.

This will be my last semester here in Kampar. So, as we has always been SPCA to alot of animal, this might be the last one. This is also one of the reason I brought her home. However, she is also open for adoption, if anyone interested you can give me a buzz and we'll see about it. As my home and Mei's home also got dogs so we cant really keep her.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tung Tung Chiang 2011.

Gong Xi Gong Xi to everyone~!
Wish you and your family a healthy, wealthy and happy bunny year ahead.!!
1st day of Chinese New Year normally began with having all the family members gather at my house for 'tong sui/糖水' (sweet soup, desert) and all the Chinese New Year cookies. Mainly it's like the family annual gathering. Then few years back we use to go around for visiting but ever since my grandma passed away, we seldom go for visiting cause us, the younger generation are not 'so-close' to the elders (for example: grandma's godsis, grandma's cousin, far far far related peoples..etc..) 

This year, after they came to my place, we adjourned to  my aunt's house (dad's sister) with my uncle and family and grandpa. Sat and talk, catching up on all happenings. Until one point, we was talking about my younger cousin bro (19years old) this year gotten his driving license. Then his mum was saying his driving very scary, noobii driving. XD My dad suddenly came out saying, "next time you drive, ask yeh yeh (grandpa) sit next to you la. yeh yeh used to drive lorry wan lorh!" Then  suddenly came to think, my old grandpa, who can hardly walk today used to work in a 'wood' industry (i guess!) handling huge machines, drives lorry and etc. 

Time has really gotten us. I remember being young, sitting in his house, listening to all his stories, guessing all his puzzles, learning to play Chinese chess (that i would never understand) and many more. Today my grandpa is much more grumpy and forgetful. He stays in an old folks home and we seldom visits him as we are all busy with our daily jobs and all. 

Thinking about it, will this be how we all gonna end our life.?
Neh~ lets skip this sad topic for Chinese New Year. 

TO ALL : Happy Chinese New Year again and do appreciate your family. Each and everyone of them. =) LOVE.

Ninja Me!