Wednesday, January 26, 2011

im jealous. trust me. I AM

what am I jealous of.. 
Im jealous of someone. why?
cause I dont understand what so great about her.
she does make me sick some time.
but why why why why people seems to be more attracted to her.
yes- Im jealous of the attention she got.

I AM. so what.?
what can I do?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yea. I'm finally at my final semester now. SO what's so great about it.? Nah~ it's not fun. I'm leaving Kampar soon. I'm sure gonna miss this place after I left. =( but this is life. Things comes and go.

Hmm.. Something about this semester that is different. OUR TIMETABLE. Some how we became flexi student thus we have to arrange our own timetable and the former class, T6 are no longer together. We all became separated. *watery eyes. @.@* And that is not the saddest part yet.

The saddest thing is that after all of us finished our final thesis, we came to know more about people in our class, people among us. We got to see much of their true self, how much can they be committed and how much they treat you like a friend and how did they backstab you as well. Interesting huh.?! But that is what happen.

Today all of us has a torn in our heart, tiny lil torn that prick our heart each day, leading us to be less forgiving and we became more careful in our speech. We could not be friends again like we used to be. Things are so different now. After being together for almost 3 years, today we are all distancing ourselves in order to preserve those happy memories that we had together as if we put this out, things will turn real ugly.

Trust me.

We are all not the same any more.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Some time I realize people does things without thinking about the consequences. Leaving others to apologies for their doing. *urgh!* It's not that I mind what you've done, but what is bothering me is, why must the innocent ones say 'sorry' and the guilty ones just act like nothing had happened.? I felt so 'nge tai' (not worthy) for you. Cause for what 'that person' has done, I know you are hurt and I know you cant do anything but to say sorry to me on their behalf.

This is life laarh.. There's so many things happening and we try to hide or solve as much as we could but there are still the after-effect. Thus, some time things that we thought has been left behind has not really been fully abandoned.

I do feel some time that I want to run away and hide from all these past. But it's not as easy as said. I need to bear for all that I've done and I would have to stand by strong for all those that I love. It's not easy, but I wish I could be tougher so when you need to fall, I can support.

Ninja Me!