Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Sanity.

things that keeping me sane.
these 3 bears are stuck to my screen and yeah~ they are there to keep my sanity before I lose them while doing assignment.. *rawrr~!!* i hate assignments...

2 more days to go and I'm free from assignments and presentations.. XD

I want to go jog tomorrow. hope everything can settle by 6pm.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm having an affair. *opps~!!*

This is a triangle love affair, "sam kok luen" affair (thats what Chinese people calls it)
I have always been involved in this affair for some time.. and I'm in it again today, this morning.
And today, I'll need to make my choice.

it's between me, MR. A and MR. B

I love Mr.A alot. but I need Mr.B or I'll die.
the weather is just so lovely today. I just wanna spend my whole morning with Mr.A but Mr.B kept calling and asking me to meet him.

I'm so reluctant. But if I dont meet Mr.B he will "kill" me.. and I'm dead.
So I have to choose between Mr.A or Mr.B.
This is so hard.
It's so hard for me to leave Mr.A, cause I love him SO effing much.
It's a goodbye filled with sorrow and pain.

But I promise I'll come back to Mr.A when everything between me and Mr.B is over..

I LOVE YOU, My Dear!!!

(it's between me, my bed and my assignments.
Mr.A = my bed ; Mr.B = my assignments.. X.X)

dead bloggiii..

my bloggii is dead again.. dead~!!! =(
lately I wast so stuck to do assignment assignment and MORE torturing assignmentsss....
yah~! I know.. dont remind me.. I'm so lifeless...
everyday all I do is jog, FB, daydream and mainly SLEEP~!!

sound only like pig.. i actually not very THAT membabikan wan... @.@ *innocent eyes~*

so yah.~
oh!! btw, I found back my Sony E cable.. so now I can put in more pictures... yeah bebbaaay~ X)

this is my breakfast today.. haha.. ORANGE M&Ms...
is it wrong to eat choco for breakfast.?? every seems to have an issue with it.. =/ hmmm...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Project O & O

As usual, I'm suppose to be studying and doing assignment as I have a presentation next week and 2 mid terms. However Facebook seem like begging me to stay and continue clicking in it's page and so, yah! I'm actually still in FB after 2hours and clicking aimlessly at tabs that I can click.

So when I was at HOME, where you see all the status updates, I came across this Project O&O's update. It's about this on going competition ; THIS :
Are you a blogger? Did you know that by blogging about Project O&O , you could stand a chance to win yourself a RM200 cash and to be featured here at this page? Hurry and post a story on us! Remember to submit your blog link at the WTFC page. ;-)
AND yah~ good excuse for me to blog again. XD. *after being lazii for so SO freaking long. =X

the thing that I wanna say here is....
2 out of 4 finalist actually came from UTAR.. *proud of this lil' uni that is situated in such a ULU place. =)

It's Josheen and Kenny.
I dont know them personally but both of them is a friend of a friend. As in my friend's friend.
Both of them participated in the UTAR Model search few months back and Josheen WON.!!
 So yah! in this competition, I hopes that she wins also.!! XD

This competition is actually interesting as it done mainly online. Attracting participation of varsity students from all over Malaysia. Building young talents in the modeling field. To my opinion, university and colleges are the best place to bud new talents. Personally, I'm involve in running the Ms. Earth (Penang) and I find most of the girls are from local colleges and uni. Mostly they are more friendly and out-going.

I do hope to see more of this competition coming up. As I believe we are all eager to see pretty babes and good looking hunks.

P/S : 
Pros of this competition, keeping more stuck to FB more.

Ninja Me!