Sunday, May 30, 2010

The new pillow-lipped beauty.

She is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
It was revealed yesterday that  she is gonna replace Megan Fox in Transformer 3..
If you have seen the Pirelli 2010 Calender, you should have already seen her. *wink!* 
Oh, she also modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Top Shop, Burberry's, Victoria's Secret and much more. 

Walk away

Again, I'm un-happy today.
Feeling so emo-fied.
Lonely perhaps. O I dont wanna go back Kampar.

Again I got no place I belong.
Feeling all alone and sad again.
URGH~! I hate this feeling so much.
But yes, it lingers around me and not letting me go.

I wanna go play and forget all about it.
I longed for a hug and a kiss on my forehead.
It will not happen again.
I'm all alone again.


I want to be loved.
But I'm afraid of being loved.
I want to love.
But I'm afraid I will hurt.

JPM Bukit Tinggi

After the ever exciting JPM Kota Bharu Supercar Challenge, we was all looking forward to theJPM Berjaya Hills Time Challenge 2010. Scheduled to be on 1st week of July, clashing dates with the SuperAutoMix that would be held in Bukit Jalil. We have all planned out our trip. Gonna drop by the SuperAutoMix on Fri and then down to Bukit Tinggi for 3days, Sat, Sun and Mon for the event. All of us was waiting for it to happen as the event last year was a blast as well.

However.. few days back received a call from my friend, a part of the organizing people, telling me that it's POSTPONED. how sad~!! SO, now we have to continue to wait till year end as the event is rescheduled to this year end.

So, for the 1st weekend of July, all I'm gonna see are the modified cars. No more horses, bull, jaguar and etc. XD

Here is the link to the scheduled event..
JPM Berjaya Hills Time Challenge 2010

Baby Hatch in Malaysia

I came across this news this morning in the paper. It's regarding the country's first "baby hatch" for rescuing unwanted newborns. I find it's a good way to save more unwanted babies from being thrown into the dustbin, flush down the toilet or left to die by the street.

For more news, read it up here.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My only movie for my whole sem break.

Yup.~ you read it right. I only watched 1, ONE movie for this whole 3 week break. and it's Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time.

Watched it yesterday with Vincent, Mei, Calvin, Victor and their cousy. The movie was good la. Nothing much to complain about. It's a movie that combines humor, action and love? in it. I would rate it bout 7/10 la. It's a very exciting movie la. Got me glued to it so much that I was in stunt-mode. *lolx*. The twist of the story is quite unexpected. I believe you'll enjoy watching it. Recommended for all to watch. XD.

Oh yah~ btw, I want to watch SHREK.!! =( was suppose to watch in KL the other day, but was stuck to something else.. so cant make it. so sad.~! and i dint get to watch IP Man 2 and Iron Man 2 yet also. *sigh~!*

Last week's story

As you can read from the title, it's written "last week's story". So yah~! it meant, I'm gonna blog about an incident that happened last week.

ok, as I mentioned in my last post, here I wanna write a story regarding Malaysia's Traffic Biibu.. Here is what happened.

We was travelling from Penang to KL. On the highway, at a normal speed. At a particular bridge, Mr.C slowed down to 110 km/h and say, "here hor, always got speed trap wan". So, I ma look lo.. But I dint see any. (biasa -lah~ a bit buta) XD

So we just move on..... continue driving..

After 20minute driving I think, there was a road block and we got stopped. So we was curious, we did not speed or what. We just stop tho. One of the Mr. Biibu approached us and say we was caught speeding on camera at CANGKAT JERING. Mr. C panic; I just looked on.

Mr. Biibu asked for Mr.C's IC and driving license, Mr. C gave him. Mr. Biibu say he is gonna issue a ticket as we was speeding at 123 km/h (speed limit = 120km/h) so, we are consider over speed limit. And Mr. Biibu kept emphasizing that there wont be any discount as the new rule has emphasized that new rule has been enforced and no discount for saman anymore.

*after discusion (fast forward!) we shall keep this quiet~*

Mr. Biibu offered to 'help' to delete the photo taken if we were to pay RM50

I was so tempted to take out my phone and record the conversation. He was so open about it. Not worry that I will take a video and black mail him or what-so-ever. x.x"

* (fast forward~!!), action taken *

and yah~ we manage to escape..

then here comes the funny part.

after driving for about 10minute suddenly Mr. C realize.  Mr. C say this.. "I think during CANGKAT JERING I dint speed la. " as usual, the road-blinded me ask, "where is Cangkat Jering.".. Mr. C answered, "neh~ the place where I slow down and tell you there always got speed trap wan lo".

So.. in conclusion, we actually dint speed at Cangkat Jering also.. Mr. Biibu conned us. And we GOT CONNED.

I laughed all the way to KL and Mr. C followed speed limit all the way there (even the 90km/h limit).. =="

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We are still driving on Malaysia roads.

I'm down in KL and something stupid happened along the way down the highway.
It's kinda interesting and I wanted to badly to record it down with my phone.
However, it was too late. *lolx.~!*

HINT : it's regarding a "lamb" who offered something openly and I was so shock for his action. As he acted more like a "wolf" rather then a "lamb" ..XD

If I thought of a better to write it, I will write it tomorrow morning.. Stay tune tho..


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


second day in the office.
feeling sleeping and panic.
date of the event is so near yet so much things not yet done. =(

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back - in Penang now. ^^"

Back from Kelantan.
Great trip indeed.
Must write about it soon. lolx.
Currently in PENANG.
Stuck in office everyday.. >.<
Anything just call my cell as I would not be online often.
So, stay tune till I'm back yah~!!


btw, if u are interested to see the photos, log on to..


Brandon Lim (good pictures)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JPM SuperDrive Challenge.

Been looking forward to this weekend for so so SO long...
It's finally here.
The JPM SuperDrive Challenge Kota Bharu 2010..
Cant wait to see the stretch of Super Cars & Bikes on the highway. It should be EXCITING.!!
( i mean, it's OBVIOUSLY EXCITING.!! , what are you thinking.!?!@? it's all BIG & LOUD VROOOOMmMMMmmMm VROOOOMsSSSSssss *droolling.. @.@* )

I'll be going down KL on 13th meet Mei Ching and Mr. Alvin, head to Klang for the briefing and ready to flag off the next day.~!!
However the sad-EST part of all is, we are going Kelantan and in Kelantan we will have to dress DECENTLY.. decently as in NO shorts NO short sleeves.. So gonna die of heat (plus all the HOT rides around..urgh~ *oh! /faint* ).. x.x" Yet, I'm still freaking excited tho..

Here's the details of the event..
JPM Motorsport SuperDrive Challenge Kota Bharu 2010

Hopefully I can get some good pictures there (since me & Mei is gonna carry compact and SE camera only T.T) 'll update you guys as soon as I get my hand on my lappie when I'm back..

LOVES all. doodless... XOXO

Thomas & Uber Cup. *disappointment.*

I'm HOME and as usual, I fest myself with the TV.. (eventho my house no Astro.. but TV is fulfilling enough.) =X..
My dad was watching Thomas & Uber Cup 2010 on TV9, so I just join him at the couch..
And to my disappointment... Malaysia's man single player SUX.~! He gave all the point to Japan's S.Sato because of his mistakes. HIS MISTAKES.. not that the Jap guy smash him or what. It was him who failed to net, out and etc. *sigh~!* how disappointing.. No need see la.. I think he lost. XD ( I left the house before he finished the game ) ..

MALAY'sia' BOLEH.~!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Lil War In Life.

My War Zone.
Put on my armor and ready to march on into the war zone.
Having the greatest worries of where are the enemy hideout.
What if they attack while Im unaware.
What if I stunt and die right away.
How can I move on.
I need all the strength~!
All I have to say now is.
" It's up to faith and luck now~!" 
Please spare me, oh Product Management.

I Just Hates Exam So Much.

I just hate exam so much.
Every time also last minute study (blaming myself obviously!~)
Not sleeping again.
Second day in a row.

However the happy thought is tomorrow IS the LAST PAPER of the sem.
So, YEAH!~
I can do it.
>.< *tryin' to make myself less sleepy)

This is what happen during my first semester in Uni. 

Modified Vans. In JEPUN.~!!

Modified Van in Japan.
No one ever do this in Malaysia yet tho.. XD

Extreme Japanese custom vans -- Extreme Japanese custom vans --
Extreme Japanese custom vans --  

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kia Soul

I find this car uniquely pretty.
But they dont have it here in Malaysia.
Sad huh.~

I think the white one has the best interior. And it also comes with the glowing speakers.. The main thing is I like the console. it's clean and compact. But for the external look of it, undoubtedly, it's kinda odd.

I'm not good with the automobile specs so I shall just leave to someone else to do it. If you are interested in it, Google Kia Soul. XD. It's just so funky..

StarWars Car Wash.

Check this out. 
StarWars car wash for Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Princess Leia is washing the cars.. XD


For more, visit ;

Mommy, Happy Mothers Day.

Taking the opportunity to wish all mothers out there,  

My mommy doesn't online so I couldn't wish here.
So, I've called her yesterday and wish her happy always.

This Mother's Day I couldn't be home as I'm having my finals examination on Monday.
I miss home and I miss my mommy. @.@

My mum is the best mommy is the whole universe. So are yours.

Mommy, you are my rock, my ever strong pillar
When I'm down, I lean to you
You were always always there for me
I love you mommy and I couldn't imagine this life, this family without you.

I know you cant read this but this is solely dedicated to you. My dear mommy.
"Mothers are the place that we call home.
On them we rest our heads and close our eyes.
There's no one else who grants the same soft peace,
Happiness, contentment, sweet release,
Erasing nighttime tears with lullabies,
Restoring the bright sun that makes us bloom."

Mask Night..

I am home today and I have nothing to do.
This morning I've just received a parcel from my friend.
He sent me 2 samples of hydration mask that he's selling.
I decided to try it, since I have nothing to do and I feel like going to bed soon.

Here's the one he sent me. 8 *something something mask* XD..

It was OK LAH~.
I never fancy this kind of "one-piece" mask wan.. cause i'm not good at putting it on..X.X
After a series of struggle (with all the slimmy slimmy gluuee gluuee watery serums).. It finally when on my face. Sitting perfectly.

And here is how i would rate it.. (not a mask expert but this is how I think of it..) XD

Moisture : 8/10 (duh~ its hydration mask)
Smell : 6/10 (normal fragrance)
Size : 4/10 (a lil' too wide for me, my hair are moisture-ed too)
Experience : 7/10 (cool & a'lil wet wet + listening to music, damn syiok~)
After  : 5/10 (gluuee gluuee, have to rinse)
Effect : 6/10 (felt replenished~ no fragrance left behind) 

Thanks Kent Yau, I think I'll get more from you soon.. XD.. You packet of mask came right in time.. With all exam stress and midnight oil burnt.. I need this much.!! =P

*If anyone interested to buy, do contact me via FB or my email, <3

So yah~! Time to go to bed now. HUGX!!

Dinner (Fun) Today.

Before dinner ;
(just after a heavy downpour)
Cheng Yee : eh, want to bring umbrella a.?
Yan : eeeaaa, just after rain wor...
Khat : i guess GUESS wont rain dy gua.. (dont dare to confirm.. cause if rain sure i kena marah wan)
Yan : then.. you bring la.. hehehe
Cheng Yee : ok la. i bring.. 

After dinner ;

As Cheng Yee expected. HEAVY RAIN.!! raining cats and dogs.. i think chickens and ducks also rain down dy.. DAMN HEAVY.. lolx..

The "SMART POINT" is.. even if Cheng Yee brings umbrella... all of us dint bring.. we cant go home also.. (there's 5 of us)..

Then I call for help.. (after sitting and wait for 30minutes I think).. texted Desmond, since we are near his place.. Desmond say ok, but have to wait for him awhile.. so he as us to go up to his place first.. and guess what was the new toy there ( G2 Youth Center )


It's MR & MRS KETAM.!!
Desmond brought from KL this noon.
They are like so "interesting"..
We sat there and STARE at them.. 
And we FED them.. ( just to see how they eat. )
Amazing we found out ( or rather I found out ) that crabs actually eats and shit from their mouth. 
Wonderful. X.X

After playing for some time and the rain tamed, Desmond fetched us home. Lucky he was there.. or not we shall just walk under the rain.. THANK GOD.!! XD

Friday, May 7, 2010

Waking Up To The World Again.

Some noted me this today.
"... (life is)jus like a piece of blank paper.. u have to draw it ur own, or it might hav picture in there for u to add in colour or some nice deco... so u want it to be beautiful, then u hav to create it ur own..."
 It's kinda true that she say that it's like a piece of blank paper. It's up to us to draw and to add in colours to it. No body is gonna draw or colour for us. Everything depend on your own hands. We are the one who shape our destiny and life.

I need to stand on my feet again and grab hold of every opportunity i have and life live the way I want it to be. I dont want to regret that I dint make the first step.

Even, today; me + u = different, yesterday; was better.

*moment-o of camwhor-ation

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Walk and We Walk

" We walk to the left and we walk to the right
and we walk and we walk and we walk all night.
With the heels and toes and a half turn around
with the heels and toes and a new friend found."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

plan ruinned.

was planning to write a blog. but...
tummy pain.
must be the "pandan cassava" that i just had.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Waves

emotional is sweeping me off my feet.
just like a huge wave.
cheer me up, please.

something is so near, yet so far.
even i stretch out my hand i couldn't reach.
but i can feel u by my side
just that i couldn't reach you.

it's like the air you breath.
you know it's there.
you inhale, but you will have to exhale it soon.
you cant keep it.

The Bench In The Park

I'm sitting on the bench, in the park.
Watching a group of kids running around, chasing each other.
At another end of the park, there's a group of teen showing of of their latest gadgets.
There are couples passing by, bring their cute lil'  pups for a stroll in the park.

All I can hear is birds chirping and people chattering, kids laughing and playing around.
Every where is so peaceful and green.
There cold breeze tenderly blowing on my face and sweeps my hair bringing it to dance.
I'm sitting on the bench, in the park

There is where I wanna be now.

Ninja Me!