Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Gay Porn Vs. Animal Porn



How i wish this really exist.. lolx.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Once there was a girl.
She is not the prettiest, tallest, nor the richest.
She is not the smartest, sweetest, nor the kindest.
She has a mum and a dad.
She has no siblings nor anyone close to her.
She has no best friends nor sisters.
She was all alone through her life, eventho she has lots of friends.
To her, friends comes and goes.
No matter how much she tries to keep them, people changes thru the year.

Then she decided that all she can depend on is just herself.
Not her current relationship nor her so-called BFFs.
In her 20 years of life, she finds nothing hard to be let go.
Cause she knows that one day, everything will be gone and melt like the snow.

She learned to stand on her own feet. 
She is indepandant.
She is matured.
Nobody knows what she has gone thru in her life.
She kept it all to her self.
She might be branded.
But who know what lies beneath the beautiful make up and dresses.
It's a soul full of scars and wounds.

She always cries when she thinks about the future.
Think about losing her mum.
How can she lives on.?
It's not easy.
The day she lost her grandmother and her cousin-brother.
It took away a little part of her heart.
It will never be filled again.

All she wants is affection and love.
All she wants is people to care and people to turn to.
She is fearful that one day she is alone.
She dont want to be alone.
The picture of being alone in a dark room haunts her mind every now and then.
What will happen one day when her parents are gone, her partner is gone. 
She has no friends, family or even stranger that would look at her.
What can she do.?

All these are the imperfection of life.
Everyone will go thru these.
It's just that are you willing to face it or not.

Her mum and her.

Once there was a girl.
She has a mum.
Her mum work all her might to keep the family going.
Providing what is lacking.
Her mum is like a a wonderwoman.
She does miracles.
If there was a award, it would be the Best Woman on Earth Award.
But she does not wants it.
All she wants is love in return.
All that she does is because of her love to her daughter.
She is her motivation.
Her daughter is all she lived for.
She is the one who does all the house chores, earns the family income and take cares of the family.
She puts food on the table, clothes on her daughter, pay the bills, send her daughter to school and everything for her daughter.

Thanks to her.

The daughter is alive and well until today is mainly because of her.
A tribute for her mum.

Her dad and her.

There was a girl.
She has a dad who is not helping himself.
He put all the blame on her.
He say it's her fault for being the black star.
He say he knows he is a terrible dad.
The main point is.
He is not helping himself.
He got himself all into debt.
Because of gamble.
She losses everything
She learned her lesson.
She will never gamble.
She will never give her kids to go through what she have when through.
Her dad has never gave her a good life.
All he gave was misery.
This has became her motivation.
To move on and to work for what she want.
She doesn't mind to work her life away.
But all she knows is she is achieving what she want by her own strength.
She doesn't need to depend on anyone.
She hates to be dependant.
All this is because of what her dad has done to her.

This is her motivation and inspiration.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sorry for the long neglected blog. Currently I'm VERY caught up with assignments and etc. 24hours seems so little to me. No time to sleep, eat or even wash my clothes. *sigh!* I'll be back online here soon. Do wait for my appearance.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Palm Oil AS Engine Oil Alternative

Today I was browsing through RX8's forum and I came across this interesting thread.
Titled : Anyone want to try new stuff

After I click into it, this is the first post.
"Some folks put cooking oil in thier engine but amazingly the engine runs more smooth,more power can be exerted and quiet ......i just wonder if anyone dare to put thier 8 to experiment........ ......" by, Gary138
 I was like thinking WTH? COOKING OIL as replacement to engine oil. Funny.

Then there was a link down there linking to another forum, ENGINE OIL ALTERNATIVE. Read if u are interested. But someone did tried and this is what he said,

"QUOTE(fatani @ Aug 17 2009, 12:53 PM)
after exactly 9000 kms,
my engine jam!

later found out that the sawit oil is sticking like glue. most probable solution, overhaul!

no more sawit for me. RnD done! sawit=no good.

now burn money overhauling, again"

There was also positive comments on this. So, I not sure whether it works or not. BUT the MAIN point is that, no matter how good it is, I believe there will be some subsequent effects that might spoil your engine. This is because merely palm oil cant protect your engine as it does not contains properties like anti-oxidation, anti-foaming, acid-neutralising, sludge-removal & suspension, etc.

If palm oil is really THAT good, there wont be CASTROL, SYNTIUM, MOBIL and ETC dy la..  XD

Exam's D-Day.

I'm like so doomed now. I'm having paper tomorrow and I haven even start studying. Totally not in mood. Staring blank at my text and notes. This is terrible. And why must I have so many exam this few weeks.? *sigh!*

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Creative Rubber Ads.!!

Here are some awesome condom adv.

source : divine caroline

Proton Emas, Proton's first hybrid car.

PROTON EMAS. What a name.~!! Horrible name for quite a nice car. It look a'lil like Smart car.

This car was showcased in Geneva Motor Show yesterday.

.It's styled by Italdesign Giugiaro and Lotus contributes the hybrid drivetrain. The Proton Hybrid Concept is an extremely efficient five door, hatchback concept that can accommodate five passengers. Suppose to be a size of a SUV, size of a HATCHBACK. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exhausted Kao Kao.

Just a random post.
Just find a place to whine.
I'm feeling so exhausted.
From all the assignments and mid-terms.
I really needs a break.
A break from all these things.

I want to dance.
I want to run.
I want to fly.
I want freedom
I want to rest.
I want to laugh.
I want to play.
I want to cry.
I want to sleep.
I want to do anything that brings me away from reality.

I want an ESCAPE.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Donald Trump's Hair

I wonder. 
How can he be having a bad hair day EVERYDAY..

I think this is the NEAT-est he can go. lol.

Ninja Me!