Sunday, January 31, 2010

LG "Borderless" TV

The other day, my classmate mention a new type of TV in the market which is the Borderless TV. To my curiosity, when and search on the world-wide-web today regarding this new revolutionary TV set.
Here, this is the all new LG Borderless TV.
"LG’s theme for this year, LIVE Borderless, will instantly make sense to anyone who sees the company’s Borderless TVs, which appear to be a single, uninterrupted sheet of glass. These are the first TVs to completely eliminate the seam between the screen and the surrounding bezel.  "
It look pretty amazing right.? We'll get to watch our favourite channel without having to have that lil black frame that actually frames up the normal TV screen.
"The LG marketing on this literally showed TVs with no border – the TVs looked like they went from edge to edge."

However, to me biggest disappointment, the BORDERLESS TV actually is NOT borderless at all. It's just that the framing does not "bulge" up, thus it's call borderless. Below is the actual image of the TV when it's switch on. 


"So it’s obviously a philosophical “borderless” than a physical “borderless.” However, I suspect the average consumer will think “borderless” borderless, meaning without a border."
Thus, it's actually not BORDERLESS. it's just a FLAT BORDER screen tv. 
"We suspect that "borderless" was translated from a concept originally imagined by someone in Korea, which probably means something like: "enjoying the image without limits"... you get the picture, do you? :) "-ubergizmo

source : gadgetreview.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Even Door Knobs Bullies Me When I'm Tired.

Just came back from my ex-roommate's house. When over for a movie after dinner with Mei & Vincent. Watch "Devil Wears Prada"  (yeah, i know it's a very old movie).

I'm like dead tired and think, "I'm one step closer to my bed, I'm one step closer to my bed....." with every step I take. Most importantly, when i reach infront of my room door, I stuck the key in and walaaaaa~~ the door cannot open. The key seems to be jammed or "I dont know what else can happen". Switch on the light and I found the key hole on the knob has shrunken in (I dont know how to describe - refer to pic below)

The door cant be open tho.. Luckily long long time ago, a friend of mine thought me how to open the door with poker cards (only this kind of door can be open. - the reason he thought me was because my housemates always forget bring out his room keys). SO.. thanks to this wonderful man, I when downstairs, tore 3piece of paper, fold it, stuff it in and opened the door.

If not, I'll be stuck out my room the whole night.

Why must the door treat me like this when I'm so friggin' tired.!!! URGH.!!.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chinese Sayings.

I realize chinese people is very good in making the bad thing sounds good. As in they has alot of those building and comforting sayings.

In example,
  1. yesterday when I broke my cup, I called my mum and tell her. Her reply to me was, "lok dei hoi fa" aa... "gao gei nge chao, san gei nge lei" a... it means, "fall on the ground and prosperous" and "old one dont go, new one dont come" in cantonese. From a sad news it became a good news that my cup broke.
  2. I told Desmond that I'm sick. He tell me, "choi dou shan yeok" meaning, "prosperity is here, body is weak". So, it became a good thing that I sick - meaning I'm gonna be rich this year.
Aint chinese wonderful.? Like that also can think of. 

*my 'pin yin' is damn terrible. hope you understands.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Malaysia Road Tax

I was tempted to write about this yesterday however I was too tired so I dint. It's actually about this site that my friend shared with me - it's a road tax calculator. I'm not too sure how accurate is that calculator, but at least there is the rough figure.
I was actually amazed by the 'tremendous' increase in price when the there's only 0.2L increase in the capacity.

Here read this and you will see the different. I find it kinda odd and I dont understand. If you do understand, please do share and insight with me alright.?

You see,
      a car with 1.2L engine capacity - the price you need to pay is RM 55 only
then, a 1.6L engine is RM 90, still reasonable.
BUT, a 1.8L engine is RM 280, there is an increase of RM190, which is like more than 100% increase.
however, a 2.0L engine is only RM 380. So, both also increase 0.2L but the price increase is like so big different.

AND finally, if you were to have a Lamborghini Murcielago with 6.5L engine, you will have to pay an annual road tax of RM 17,880.  Finally, above all -- a Bugatti Veyron, 8.0L you will have to pay RM24, 630 road tax.

Sometime i do wonder what do JPJ do with so much money.? Build bridge.? Build highway.? But they still charge us toll. Or just accidentally when into 'someone's pocket'.? I wonder.

You may click into this site to see for yourself.
Autoworld - Road Tax Calculator

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crushing Smart Car.

I was online and chatting with a friend of mine regarding cars, super cars, etc.. then while I was browsing through google image, I came across these pictures..

The first thought that came into my mind was.... I was thinking that with these wheels, this Smart for 2 can crush all Smarts in this world. lolx.

Chinese New Year Prep @ G2

With Chinese New Year coming around the corner, you may here those "TUNG TUNG CHIANG"'s songs playing in departmental stores, in cafes. New Year decoration is being put up everywhere. (everywhere red-red, as it is associated with "ONG".)

So, last night we (me&zyan) was at G2 decorating the place, folding ANG PAO origami. (limited ideas, we only have FISH, BALL(lantern) and 3-ANG PAO clipped together) Even the world wide web dont have much tutorials teaching how to make Chinese New Year decor.

Here are some pictures of the day. (It was fun but tiring)

My lil' RED PIRANHA.~ lolx.

According to Desmond, this is the "FOOK" corner. (the chair was there cause I was climbing on it to paste the ANG PAO in place. it looked nice so it stayed there.XD.)

Zyan, "Very tired aaarrr!" (she was 'threading' the fish. haha)

So, till then~ HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR in advance, GONG XI FATT CHAI!! more ANG PAO come this year.~ weee.. wuhoo`!! TIGER YEAR.. RaaaAAaaa~~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

F 800 GS in UTAR.

Guess what I saw in UTAR yesterday.? It's nothing to shout about but the bright yellow BMW Motorrad F 800 GS that out-stands all the bicycles and motors around it.

My friend was looking for a spot to get a fag but he came across this bike. He came and told us all so we and have a look at it. (not believing that either a lecturer nor a student would ride a RM80k plus bike to uni, it's kinda cool but not practical tho)

Got only a few snaps shots of the bike tho. Forgive me for the poor quality of the picture as I was using my phone's camera. (pictures are always blurred!)
it's from Penang.!! (guess so la. it bears a PG plate number.) lolx.
Too bad dint manage to hear it firing up as we have a class to rush to. So, so long - good bye Mr. Sunny Yellow.

edited : it has Brembo clips. haha. 

Long Day.

Fuh~ today has really been a VERY long day indeed. When to class from 9.30-2pm then assignment discussion until 3++, when home then Desmond called, go to G2 help him decorate for CNY, until 5pm, when to class, then 6pm go back to G2 continue on with the decor until now, 3am. Tiring but satisfied cause the place look damn freaking beautiful now. Was cutting and folding Ang Pao packets like how we would do when we were younger. All will come back and do decoration for the house.. Spring Cleaning. *sigh!* Need to go bath and off to bed. Tired. Doodles.

Monday, January 25, 2010

BullShi*ter Today

I wonder do you realize or it was only me. People nowadays tend to bullshi* (BS) alot.
Its as simple as they say "this" to cover "that" and making things seems more beautiful that how it is suppose to be. As one of my friend said, "BS is like cash advance, tipu 1st, make it become truth later". Its kinda true also as you see, when u use cash advance, its just a figure, a number - but when you are required to pay, it's a wallet-chewing-creature that will chew a big chunk out of your wallet leaving a huge hole there. Always people will say, its to protect you and to not hurt you, for your own good, YES, this is the BIGGEST BS - it wont hurt me now cause it sound so nice - but when the truth is out, its will hurt me so much deeper. Why cant you people tell the situation as it is.? Wouldn't it be much more simple.? Will you be happy living with "it".? You will always have to "pull long to cover the short". What wrong with you people.? I just dont understand alot of things now. Words are tailored to sound wonderful to the ear. Its like the best melody ever composed by the world's best composer.

However . . . .
With all the BS-ter in the society today, there are still a handful of people who doesnt know how to talk in a pleasant way. They just say words in their most raw form right to your face. They just wanna show off how superior they are above us. YES again, you are the leader, but you must care about the people who is working under your supervision right.? When people come and help you with something, dont tell people that "oh, this is only for exco, you not exco - so you no need to be here."or when people try to clean up your mess you go tell people, "you dont buzzy body la!". Since yesterday people came and complain to me regarding this kind of  'rude' attitude and it's 2 totally different occasion and 2 different person. Sometime I do wonder why are people becoming so rude while some becoming so materialistic.? 

click here if you dont understand the meaning of BS.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Something that inspired me.

Last Thursday, I was on MSN chatting with a friend of mine. He is a web developer in Penang and he drives an RX-8 (not to boast, just there is something in the story that touches this points). SO, suddenly before he off he started with his story session (he loves stories!) It's kinda inspiring. Thus, I decided to post it up. Actually there's a funny part before the part I posted below.. It's just that he dint send to me.. That part was a boom!. Too bad I existed the chat window the other day and my laptop has no chat history. Thanks Eric for sending it to me.. =)

So, dear all.. read on and you'll know what is it about. Hope you all gain something from it. =)
"let me tell u some funny stories before i go to sleep

last time when i was form 1 or 2
i ride bicycle in the neighbourhood
with my cousin
we not allowed to go too far...
becos heavy traffic
but 1 day...
sunshine square baru open
got delifrance!!!!! yummy yummy wei
cannot tahan ... wan to eat
but soooooooooo far and un known journey
but dont care dont think so much
just do it...
so me and my cousin ride bicycle from like mcd green lane to
sunshine sqaure bayan baru
my god
1 hour up 1 hour down
so tired....
when reach there faster go buy deli france and makan 
5 mins only habih...
the ride bicycle back home
so much effort for something many would say trival

then later on we like to play videogame streetfighter...
but we alywas loose to gangster kaki becos they 24 hours training wan....
so no chance to play...
what to do?
wake up early morning 630am cycle to komtar by 7 am the videogame shop open dy
so we 2 alone play syok syok no 1 kacau us...
every week end we cycle to Komtar

then later when baru start working
know kl got Burger King (BK)... walao must eat... so want to drive to kl but also scared.... nvr drive b4
think want to do it or not... then dont think dy just do it...
next day drive to kl to find bk and after makan terus balik

scary but satisfying
haha.. travel all the way for things you want

yes i think i have that in me... its a good spirit if used for good purposes

oh and same goes for my putra...
sooo awesome last time
70k seems like never
then rx8...
first time i saw rx8 in pg was 2004 terus hang...
my god its soooooo cun...
even that was actually stock standard rx8
today see also no feeling d...
but u see 
thats like a person's perception see how they change ...
the shape of the car didn't change
but our perception change so fast
at that time i didn't know how would i ever manage to get an rx8...

so conclude...
we do not think so such... set a goal (a good goal) and just do it...

life is like driving in the dark with only your 2 headlights to help u... u can only see as far as the head light shines...
u dont know whats beyond...
just becos it seems like for the last 200kms uve been driving a smooth straight line dosnt mean the next 5 meters will be the just as straignt and uneventful

in other words life is full of surprizes....
good + bad....
to get more good surprises and less bad ones.... u know what to do already... work hard + be good!

actually i dont know whats coming in my future... some times it looks good and i feel good but to be honest sometimes.. alot of the times im scared and worried whats next... such is life...

-ERIC POH, my inspiration guru of the day.. =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Next Week's Target - New Page.

For 2010, I think I'm gonna refurbish my blog page. All because lately I been surfing and reading a few good blogger's page and it inspired me alot to do something about my page as I'm starting to find it boring. As it look like a common template. I shall do this next week as I'm going back to Ipoh tomorrow and I cant online back home. SO, wait for my new page soon. I have so much to write about but whenever I log in, it just looked so dull. Thus, I dont feel like writing anymore. There are a few matters running in my mind currently. I shall do it fast before my inspiration runs away. Be patient and I will be back with a better page. HOPEFULLY.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


You may say that i'm outdated - but I dont understand TWITTER.. I really wonder how it worked and so i signed up for it. When I first logged in to the page all I see is just a box requesting me to fill up my updates and click the "update" button. I dont understand what does it do. Ya I know it's like the most happening thing in the community now but I'm not into it. Even Facebook I'm just surfing it because I have nothing better to do. Student life - what do you expect.. stay home all day and surf the net. Thats all i got to do here - in this deserted place, where there is no ENTERTAINMENT. It's damn drop dead BORING.

Sometime I wish I can write amazing, interesting stories but too bad, I CANT.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


today is the 4th day of 2010. and i've been sick for 3days.. ==" eventhough i'm feeling much better today but still.. my throat is still paining.. sigh! what a great way to start a year..

*no internet line at home. has made me gotten used to not onlining for some time. haha.

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