Wednesday, December 30, 2009


it's over.
2-0-0-9 is OVER.
welcoming 2010 in just another 10hours..
havent made any resolutions yet.
it's NEW YEAR.
and i'm in PENANG.


wishing all a great year ahead.!

sign out!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

december is HERE.


I know I know. Christmas is not about the gift only. BUT i just somehow came up with this list of what i wish for hoping that some GOOD SAMARITAN will send me one of my wishes. =) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAHHHHAHAHA.. *wishing HARD!*

ok ok
Let's get started.

A brand new Honda Civic by MUGEN. =)
ok ok .. a brand new car..
too much to ask.?
ok ok .. a CAR..........any car.....???

continue on...
the "NOT-SO-IMPOSSIBLE" wish..
a ALIENWARE laptop.
*watery, kitty eyes....*
ok lo.. too much again.?

the beauty of it....... alienware lappie.

next on the list....
the "QUITE-POSSIBLE" wish.
it's just more o less 3K.??
*innocent halo appearing*

ok ok ..
be more realistic...
the "MORE-POSSIBLE" wishes....
1. a new watch.??? not that big of a wish right.??

2. a Ralph Lauren perfume....
*this one very cheap only ok.? but i like the smell... i think is either HOT o ROCK.*

3. cube MP3 player. by MOBIBLU.
*this is not the one, but it looked something like this..*

4. new leather bag, suede preferred.. =)

or something like this. abstract..

5. wallet... clutch....
*mine gone gone gone.... gone... baby girl you are gone....*
*white & slim preferred..*

finally... last but not least.......
the "VERY-POSSIBLE" wishes.......
all i want for this CHRISTMAS is to spent it with people whom are worth spending with such as my FAMILY & FRIENDS. just wanna see everyone happy and be together this Christmas.

*oh yah! this is very-berry-hally important... above all... i know you still INSIST to buy me a gift wan.. i accept all range of plushies, soft toys, huggies, accessories, electronic gadgets, anything and everything... haha... and oh..!! there is this very cute horoscope lil' plush at TOY'R'US that i love so much....mine is RED in colour... but.. i cant find a picture of it.. (wonder who will buy for me...)*


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


someone said i'm not pretty but i got a good looking boyfriend.
lucky i dont like this guy and i know he is a jerk. so what ever he say does not affect me. but it just got stuck in my head and i think HE IS DUMB.
i am not pretty ah. SO WHAT.? 
i am capable of getting a better looking guy compare to YOU, fat and UGLY and love to boast. you are just a dumb guy who cant keep your mouth to your self. you must talk about everyone else. i am not happy about u talking bad about my friends as well. you talked about everyone. use your brains. you are almost 30years old but you cant think. what a waste. i dont hate you cause i know u will devastate yourself. even your own housemaate cant stand your attitude.
everybody hates you. =) cheers.

03.43am, 03-12-09

just came back from class party. BBQ. haha. ate too much until now i felt i'm gonna blow up soon. tummy bulging out like few months pregnant. *burp!*

this morning i had a wonderful dream. (morning as in last night, as in before i wake up) i dreamt that i was some detective, like ghost buster.. duo with a friend of mine (but in my dream he is my dad/cousin, which we are like flirting,so i think is not my dad.) we was going on some adventure, seeing panorama stuff. being chase by this lil indian girl where suddenly she became a hantu. haha. it was fun la.. i dint want to wake up.. REALLY damn reluctant. then phone rang. so just woke up and picked up the call.. then when i slept back hoping to get back into the dream. too bad. cannot. sigh! so i woke up at 2pm.

(i dont know wad to write so i wrote that.)

Ninja Me!