Monday, October 5, 2009

i want to write. but i'm not in a mood to write. alot of thing running in my mind. i'm confused and lost. still thinking. thanks.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

short update.

i admit this. my life became boring and i got nothing to write here.. lolx.
sem break is here.
going back Ipoh. then i wouldn't be onlining any more since my lappie's modem rosak. except i go CC online or Coffee Bean. but i believe i wont be THAT hardworking. lolx.
then i'll be in Penang. working.
then school restarts. haha.
my life is just that dull. haha.

today i got hired and fired. haha.
interesting huh.!

we just got back from Cameron today.
our trip suppose to be 2days 1 night.
however due to the weather and Astro, we extended and stayed an extra night. lolx.
ASTRO was so NICE. haha. MAGNIFICENT. *too long never watch tv* haha.
it was great.. i bought JAGUNG. haha. *Cameron's jagung is damn nice and cheap*

i want go lepak, i want go shop.
i'm so broke.


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