Tuesday, September 8, 2009


* i think i'm falling sick. i need to sleep. but i cant DONT write this.*
today is the legendary 090909. not really 09.09 090909 but it's passed 12am, so it's 090909..
i text my baby, tell him it's 090909 i want a surprise. but my baby dint reply me. i thought he was asleep. so i dint bother. it started because Mei was telling about she asking Vince to surprise her. so i just text my baby. i always complain that my boyfriend is NOT romantic, feeling-less boyfriend. but today, he proved me wrong..

i text him at 12 am, then at 12.30, he called me. ask me to come out of my house. so in my "baju yang selekeh", i when out. i saw his car, i open the door, i look the right, he stood there in his coat and look so "prince charming" ( he is my sleeping prince).. i screamed when i saw him. i was shocked. we both had a rough day today. we dint sleep last night, he was tired, because we finished the whole episode of Grey's Anatomy, when we are suppose to study. ok back to the story...he ask me to get on the car, and i dint event bring my IC or phone. he then drove me up to this lil' hill and the scenery there was beautiful. the wind was nice and the light was nice. baby, it might not be the nicest place but it's the best as i'm with you. sorry for all my judgment on you and all.. love yah baby. i dont wanna forget this night.!! thanks so much.

everything was beyond description
it made my day.~
i love you baby!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

*oh! kiss me, and smile for me. *
this song is like SO STUCK to my head.
currently i'm kinda BUSY so, no updates. sorry. =)

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