Thursday, August 27, 2009


Here, i do have alot to say. however i doesn't know where to start. there is stuffs. there is feelings. that i couldn't voice out here. i really wanna find some one to talk to but i felt like a hypocrite and it has nothing to do with me. it's just my jealousy taking over. talking about it would create an argument topic. life is like this.

it's not easy when u dislike someone but i cant just close your eyes and not see them anymore.
life ain't that easy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

District 9... incident.

seriously, i'm running out of idea of what to write. life's been so quiet thats why.. the only thing i do is... sleep... eat... go class... online... mafia war.... entah la... wasting away..?? hmmm.. everyday dreaming, why cant money fall from sky or grow from tree.... you literally meaning it, but.. it's like why cant get money easily.. the answer as my friend say.. if money grow on tree then inflation lo.. =)

oh ya. .. this is something i find it funny.. mayb just dumb..

then during the night we when down ipoh to watch District 9.
not bad of a movie. they make it something lik documentary..
on the way down.. (we were late dy_) then got road block.
KY was driving kinda fast then the police stopped us and took all of our IC. then ask KY to go down the car.

so, KY when. then..... all of us in the car panic... dont know what he wanna do...

Police : tadi kamu ada nampak itu road block aa.?? kamu hampir langgar police o..
KY : ada..
Police : kamu cina dari malaysia ke cina cina ke cina dari tempat lain.??
then KY was like, HUH ?
KY : cina, cina Malaysia lah bang"
Police : dalam but kamu ada apa apa benda a..?
KY was like, WHAT.?
KY : apa benda?
Police : benda haram, mercun...?
KY : tak de la bang... ..

then after that... he came back into the car and told us what happened la.. then we laught.. then we joke saying that.. if next time kena again...

we will say....
. KY, "saya cina dari S'pore" .
CY., "saya cina dari Thailand"
Me, "saya cina dari Indon"
Ed, "saya cina dari Vietnam"
. Chua, "saya cina dari Peking"
*the joke above only apply to people who know us 5.. haha.. it's all because of our look.. XD.

then the joke goes on....

. police : dalam but ada apa-apa.??

. Ky : ada mayat la.. shhhh jangan beritahu orang lain tau..

. police : *stunt.. entah what he will do la..*

. KY : ada mayat itu lipas.. selama dia mati dekat dalam... jangan beritahu orang lain tau..
lol.. it's just lame la.. why suddenly ask KY, "kamu cina dari malaysia ke cina dari negara lain."

... *hope those who reads this understands.. it's just LAME..*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

what i want.!

you know wad i want now.?
i want :
  1. fairer skin
  2. longer hair
  3. bigger boobs
  4. thinner legs
  5. bigger eyes
  6. sharper nose
too demanding.?
but i'm satisfied now. =)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

everything is fine.

something is inside me
i dont know what is it.
it jus made me feel like crying.
by reading emails i'm touch.
tears flow.

nothing is wrong.
mayb i'm tired or i'm stressed.
i dont know.
just cried.
tears flow.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

think abt it.

he might not be the most romantic person on earth.
he might not be the most patient person on earth.
he nags alot.
he flirts.
he complaint against complains.
he is not rich.
he dont give me money to spend.
he is not big in size.
he does not has the sexiest body.
he is not perfect.
he is not glue. (he said)

but he is him.

he does stuff that touches my heart.

Ninja Me!