Monday, May 25, 2009

morning shock!

i flung this semester.
my GPA 1.6 only.
shit la.!! i'm like so gone.. muD-I-Em is gonna kill me.

*amazingly. i passed my Macroeconomics. i flung Business Law, highest coursework. sigh!


*staring at the Absolut Apeach thinking...."when will i ever finish this bottle of thing......"
it's gonna take forever as i wont really drink it. mayb once awhile. but.... there's another 4 little bottle (50ml) Absolut Kurant, Pears and Raspberri and also Tequila Rose.. when will they be gone... NEVER i guess.* =)

*sniff sniff* my nose is watery and it's VERY ITCHY. dont ask why. i dont know.

for the first time today i when to the bank myself. i was like SO DAMN BLUR. i think aunty also 'smarter' than me. i stared at the 'number machine, the one you press then number come out wan' for very EXTREMELY long. until aunty, uncle, apek, asoh, ashum so look down on me, JAKUN.

finally, i'm leaving to malacca this wed. dad bought me bus ticket dy. 9.30am on 'some weird, tak pernah dengar' bus company. called... NINI=S.K.B.G=BANDAR SUPER NICE EKSPRESS which cost RM 35. it's a VIP bus konon la. i get to sit alone. haha. nvm la. as long as i reached malacca. haha.

despite influenza A HINI, i'm still travelling around like nobody's business.

btw, i know my blog post all are like SO BORING. i couldn't upload picture here at home due to the very patheticly annoyingly idioticly SLOW line. it's just 50.6Kbps. let it be alright.?? after i back to Kampar i will upload pictures. plus. my USB cable is M.I.A.. dont know where it when.. so..... please be patient. lol.

result is out but the page couldn't be loaded. how sad right. paranoid.!!

coming sem's timetable is out and i'm NOT happy with it. EMPHASIZED = NOT HAPPY.
the time are like so SO odd. seee.....

MONDAY : 8-10am, 12-2pm, 6.30-8pm
TUESDAY : 6-8pm
WEDNESDAY : 8-9.30am, 6-8pm
THURSDAY : 11-12.30pm, 3.30-5pm
FRIDAY : 9.30-11am
SATURDAY : 2-4pm

see... SATURDAY 2-4pm. one word to say . . SAD . . and the subject is ENGLISH FOR MANAGEMENT . . . LECTURE somemore.. *sigh!*

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i'm home!!

i know you missed me alot.

i'm back from Langkawi. and i stayed home for more than 48 hours. i dint step a foot out of my house. eating & sleeping too much and i think i gain weight again. *sigh!* why cant the weight just stop increasing so i could just eat my heart out.!! *rraaaaaa!!!* gotta hit the gym when sem starts.
plus, currently i hate my hair. why cant it just grow longer... it's like stuck half way. not long not short. kinda annoying.!!! ish~!!! and the weather everyday is like SO HOT. i can even feel the heat in the house. oh my gosh!! i wan to stay somewhere UP UP THE HILL where it's not hot.!! how i wish.!! *wishing real hard.!!* btw, i'm leaving for Melaka this tuesday *i hope so* staying till fri for the rave, Freedom. then after that i will be back in Kampar starting my Year2 in my course. 2 more years to go. *sigh! not a happy thought!*

my short term plan now is to get 3k and get my own DSLR.
but how.
any idea any one.?
tell me how to be rich la.~!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Navin gave me an idea.!!
found more kaki's'~!!!
jom jalan.!!

current life.

been running around up and down. so, i dont really have time to online and update here.
*giving you opportunity to miss me more!! =)*
i was in penang from 12th-16th of may, came back yesterday. and i'm leaving again tomorrow to kl and langkawi on 19th. running around like chicken. *again, i know you all will miss me.* so, i guess i wont update until i'm back, either on 21st night or 22nd.

oh ya.!! my penang trip with ky-ean, mei, vince, cy, victor was AWESOME.!! we ate alot. alot of expensive meals as well. lol. we had TGI, Pasta Mania, Subway, some Germany restaurant, drinking at Bagan, (cant remember what else we had.) just in 4days. met up with edward, and daniel. CONCLUSION. i'm like so BROKE now. but leaving for KL-Langkawi tomorrow. gonna be more MORE poor.. after that if go Melaka somemore.. i'm TOTALLY broke. haha. but. life is to be enjoyed. so, hentam je la.

Monday, May 11, 2009

i dont know how to feel hungry any more.
i've been eating CONTINUOUSLY for 48 hours.
had too much of food at home.
*now gotta leave for kampar. sigh~!!
gonna be in Penang until 16th of May.
dont miss me.!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my pangkor post. long long long lost late post.

I AM . .
  1. suppose to be STUDYING.
  2. suppose to either rest or sleep.
  3. suppose to clean my room/table/cupboard.
  4. suppose to bath.
  5. not suppose to be craving for "food i'm NOT suppose to eat when i'm sick".
  6. gonna fight a good 'war'.

i'm not doing it all.

what's wrong with me. LOST. lol.

i enjoyed my whole STUDY week. which i am suppose to study hard or more of like study my arse off. but. i played so hard the whole week.
we when pangkor, ipoh, and god knows where la.

the Pangkor trip was so random.
3 of us. Edward, Caroline & Me
as we are not even prepare. dressed in jeans and sports shoe (carol). dint bring extra cloths we head of to Pangkor.
it started because the "SMART" GPS / spoilled GPS got lost. (in ipoh on the way back kampar). wth right.. (spoiled GPS is from ipoh, study in kampar, ipoh so small, kampar so near. . like this also can sesat) sometime i do salute myself for this. i have to capabillity to get lost in IPOH. event to places that i go everyday.?!??! note:I HAVE DECIDED TO QUIT BEING A GPS. then we sesat until pengkalan (amazingly i know where are we) then we decided to stop at a petrol station to grap a drink and ask for direction since we are LOST. so, carol when. then she came in the car and say :
apparently we are at the right direction.
the lady say, we go straight, pass 2 traffic lights then see Simpang Pulai sign the turn.

so, relieved. we follow. when passed 3 traffic lights. we dint see any sign board written Simpang Pulai. instead we saw LUMUT. so we was like lets go Pangkor. .. . .so there we go. . .. .(we was kinda hype that time.) before we reach, we decide to get MORE HYPE, so we when to ANOTHER petrol station to get 2RED BULL each. so we bottom's up and continue or journey with our haywired brains. next petrol station, carol got herself a can of KACIP FATIMAH (it taste kinda nice!) and down it when into her tummy, mixing with those coffee,tea, & red bull. on the way to Lumut we ask few fella for direction who amazingly gave us the RIGHT direction. hence, with that we reach LUMUT. not pangkor yet.

btw, carol dint believe that we are heading to pangkor for REAL.

on the way to pangkor, spoilled GPS made an attempt again. but. thank god! they dint follow. cause or else. we will be lost to entah mana. (so dont try asking to for direction from me!! WARNING!!) then we drove until end of lumut. where we saw the marine base and they were having some open day la. cause traffic only. plus, SULTAN came that day. and it's a FRIDAY (muslim prayer) the whole LUMUT JAM.! here cannot turn there cannot park. susah betul.!! then we found the port, we took a ferry accross the SEA. we when into the "captain's place"(the room where they drive the ferry) the view was so nice there and we talk to the man who manuever the ferry he was nice. (we when OVERSEA during study week!!) we bought clothes to change got ourself a rented car and there we go. ROUND ROUND PANGKOR.

we when to the temple and fort and... .... .. THE BEACH.!! we when for a swim (i mean THEY when for a swim i was at the side being washed by the wave...) watched the sunset. it was SO BEUTIFUL. so so lovely.~ it's a weekday, so the beach is kinda empty. so we had one part of it to the 3 of us. the scenery was beyond description.! we dint had our camera as ed's phone died and mine cannot take picture.. so we dint get any pictures. but all the "picture" will remain forever in our hearts.

we left pangkor reluctantly at 8.00pm. we was so exhauted but we really did enjoyed ourself. it was a long long LONG day as we dint sleep the previous night. WE WAS STUDYING in a cafe called the Big A cafe before we when to the temple, and also the birch memorial then look for my law book, then we when for breakfast then we got lost and lastly we reached pangkor.

we had our dinner at lumut. then we reached kampar about 12 am plus. and when as we reached kampar we saw a big fire. at old town. the fire was "eating" up 3 old shoplots, spreading to the 4th shop. there were so many people at the scene. as we parked our car when down and witness the fire as well. the fire was burning up so machines so the flame was so pretty. it was red and there were some green flame flikering. how can such pretty thing can be so fatal.

lastly. our whole adventour is over and we when home and sleep.

syuen post coming up soon. . . the day off to ipoh with vince, mei and family. . .

*i need to start my IS now.!!! sigh~ thursday exam!!

Jangan Bilang Tidak

*fight a good war! -Mei*

Monday, May 4, 2009

aiyo~ everyday busy with FINALS only.
entah bila can update..

*sick dy..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

this video worth watching!

Culture Unplugged Video

Ninja Me!