Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DEAR all.
i'm having a real TOUGH and BUSY week.
everyday go TESCO/MINAT.
to stock up for ICE CREAM DAYS.
i'm enjoying but i think i'm BURNT OUT.

regarding my phone.
cannot open dy ma die lo.
someone sent me a sms.
my phone got no contact.
(i mean my spare phone, my RM99 phone.. bought long time ago. at last get to use)
after i came home.
i search up and down for A PIECE OF PAPER which i copied all the contacts before.
FINE then..
i look for my M2. thinking then i can slot into my friend's phone and retrieve the backup-ed contact.
mana tau.
when i came home today.
i found the TMnet bill stuck to the window, OPEN-ED.
then i was like..
every one in the house knows that i'm incharge to collect money and pay the bill.
so. generally.
when u see bill you should AUTOMATIC-LY pass to me or keep then give me right.?
but i found it stuck to the window.
this is NOT the first time.
i think.
next time i shall just leave the house one month and let the utilities of the house to BE CUT-ED.!
but i wont la.

_everything happened in less than an HOUR_

whats wrong with everyone.
or whats wrong with me.?

i'm stress..

to wkeong : i received and replied your message. i assume the number. is you. but... my RM99 phone is a ........ ***** ....... cacat wan. *sigh* i wan to get rich now. is like NOW.\

to ALL : thankx. for your advice and all... lol.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

BTW<><><> who wanna buy me new phone.?!?!??! haha~!


my beloved 6++month old phone.
jump into the "jamban"
it did not die upon pick-up.
(plus i put it on the basin and "wash" it with water)
i still can see the fade lights.
fading off.
i tried to on/off.
neither happened.
i open the cover and took the battery out.
it DIED.
did i just "killed" it.?
oh NO.!
there it goes.
*LOUD sigh!*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

L.O.V.E. my "how got big".!!

i'm not standing firm on ground.
i'm shaky.
i'm overly excited to hear this.
i'm emotionally "JUMPING UP & DOWN".
i'm saying in my heart, "HOW CAN IT BE.! OMG.!!"
literally, "LAUGHING MY LUNGS OUT.!!"
i just cant believe it.

last week i was like all upset cause i saw it there and then.
this week he tell me its wasn't what i thought/saw.
i "flew out of universe wei!!"
oh MY gosh!!
rrraaaaa..... let me scream~!!
cant wait till sunrise.
i got to tell ALL of them.
i cant hold it.
i think i wil just smile in my sleep.

*what's wrong with me.~?
all because of that one miserable, impossible guy that i can never get.
but i'm all excited of what he said.
i'm so so so HYPE!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

love this 2 pictures. there's still some more. but...... will update later. =)

love this 2 pictures. there's still some more. but...... will update later. =)

"featured article"

my sms to MEI on 20/MAR/2009, 9.48 am

"I'm in a bus. It was packed. A not bad looking, padini looking guy stood so close to me until i can feel myself blushing.!! *dint really looked at him.* His height was just right.!! Haha. Shit.!!"

*the bus i meant was UTAR's bus. i was on my way to school.~*

then before she replied i sent her another message....

"Raraaaaaaaa.!! Not leng chai.!! Almost bald somemore.!! I came down from bus then wait and look.!!! .............~??.... Worthless."
she then replied me say her friend say i sounded desperate.!! haha. and it sounded like an featured article. (because she was learning about that..++")

** i might sound desperate but i'm not.!! haha.

kata-kata sahaja.

i just came back from KL but it doesn't felt like we(mei,cyn yee,me) when down to KL at all. .. . i think great time flies. *lol.!*
i think today is the one day in my life that i had 2meal in a row. breakfast & lunch. (after so long dint eat McD suddenly eat 2 meal in a row.) *MELAMPAU.!-lol.!*

our motive : visit antique car competition in Titiwangsa Lake.

when i first reach that place my first reaction was like.. "aiyoh~ why the car all so ugly de...=="! "
then ok ok .. take DSLR and start snapping.... snap snap snap snap snap snap snapsnapsnapsnap... ... .... ... *damn hot.!* (interval, mei & cyn yee will pose with cars take.. sometime andchan also pose with car take..)
then hor.. when i reach one car... as usual snap lo.... then.. suddenly got this guy say, "jangan duduk.! .....*blablabla* owner...*blabla*... (cannot hear la.!) then... i just look lo (blur-ed.!).. then he ask.. "boleh tangkap gambar dengan dia a..??" then... she say ok lo.. then.. ...... "saya owner kereta.. sekarang boleh duduk la..!(==") OK... continue with my picture journey... snap snap snapsnapsnap............ until then the guy ask..."boleh saya tangkap gambar dengan kamu aa.?"......see. this is what happen when u ada rupa. *lol.!* actually that's this 3rd guy who took picture with her.. but.. this LELAKI... dengan slumber... "saya nak tangkap gambar dengan kamu, boleh.?" <<<> IN CONCLUSION... me and mei was like.. ok la.. we both are like... those people who follow around.. one photographer.. one carry things wan... *lol.!* then we also did made a calculation.. (sorry cyn yee.. not pijak you.. it's just funny!!.lovey!~!mwahx!)
you see...

spend money to dress to impress right.??
*nod to agree.!!*
then we made this calculation.

top, padini - RM50
shorts, ... - RM50/60
shoes, "rocksfort" - RM200

top, seed - RM49
shorts, p&co - RM72
shoes, fila - RM100++

top, .... - RM25
shorts, pm - RM10
shoes, "not sure" - RM75

you see hor.. from total.. me and mei spent more to "decorate" ourself. but hor.. the one who got most attention is CYN YEE. so me and mei was like.. next time we must save money dy.!! cannot cannot.!! kalah dy.! then cyn yee say, "those guys eyes got "stamp" only.. cannot see la.!!" then... me and mei.. *totally faint.!* , " how la.. their eyes got "stamp" also dont wan find us take picture. we really that teruk ma...." *lol.~!!* both of us sedih betul.. then we tell and chan lo, "AND CHAN..... we dont wan come motoshow with cyn yee dy... no guys wan take picture with us dy...(sound desprate).." then and chan was like... "oh ya aa...~ ok la..
see la..~~~~ he not helping also.!! *sigh!!* me and mei need to .................................. haha...... (no offence ya girl.! we still do love you.! post it for the purpose of entertainment only!!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fan chian!

i think i am a'lil abnormal. or mayb i should say "fan chian"--evon's fav. .
i'm like so so so SO SO free. but i'm not sleeping.
** what's wrong with me la.. adui~
today i read my friend's blog.
damn cute la the way he write the stories. haha.
ROFL lo.
he keep scolding people stupid.. i also dont und.
i just finish uploading some picture up to picasa web album. i think i'm liking it more.. lol.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i will blog soon~~!!
wait for me.!!
love me.
i will be BACK.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Thursday, March 12, 2009


friday, 13th

it's 5.25AM and i'm not close to completing my assignment.
i wan to make an A paper for the lecturer to show that i can do a good piece of work.
but it seems that today is not a great day for anyone of us.
. many things happened today. non-of them is good tho.
it's like suddenly everything crash together and the world and all the time in the world seem so fragile. it's like now u can see it, now u dont.
actually today, i thought we finish our assignment then we show lecturer, things will just run fine then we can print and hand up dy wan. but after lecturer see, AT LAST he thought us the "right" way to write the assignment. but it's like. . . alil to late right.? i need to hand up tomorrow la.. how can i "sempat" to edit. ok ok. just a'lil. i believe i can do it.
then, i thought. after dinner i can go home and start editing lo.


when i reach home after dinner i receive a shocking news that has just "GOYANG" every out of me. my hand were numb, my brain was freeze. Mei tell me that Janice and Mun passed away. my only reaction was like. "WHAT? did i just heard wrongly? WHY?" she continues on. Janice and Mun involved in an accident and both of them passed away. i just lost of words to say. but to ask can we go down and pay the last respect.? i missed her birthday like last week.? because of assignment. then.. alot more things. we planned to do together and stuff. but i was too busy. and now she is gone. and nothing can turn back time. i'm full of guilty and regret. why din't i spent more time with her. why must i always say tomorrow.? what if tomorrow never comes.? it's hard to predict life you know. we might just dissapear from planet earth just like .. pOOOooFFfff.! about 11 plus, 10 of us when down to Iph to pay the last respect. it was so so totally unbelivable. we cried. but it's just too sudden and we couldn't believed that it happened. Janice, the poo-toh is no longer here.. Kam Lup Mun, the chi-oi fella no here anymore. how can it be.? it's not easy to cope with this aight.? Scooby just left last thurs and this thurs 2 of my close friend also left. it's heart-wreaking to see them leave.

my friend argued with her boyfriend. problem appeared among them. i can just sit and ignored her. me and Mei when down to her room with Vincent. we just sat there and see her cry and borrowing our ears. we sat there and talk and listen. then. i guess she felt better after that.

i'm back to my room supposingly to start my assignment.
and i'm trying my best to catch every part of me back into a piece as i've crash and lose catch of everything.

*someone/"2-ones" made my day*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i'm tired.
my neck hurts.
i miss someone!
it's not a happy thought tho.
i know i need to sleep now.
i'm uploading pictures at picase web album.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

lama aku tak blog.
mayb later.
busy with alot of stuff.

Friday, March 6, 2009

hmmm.. i'm gonna sit for Information System's Mid Term in about an hour.
*sigh!* not very interested in this subject le. haha.
so just read thru. hope can recall later. (it's just MCQ)

i'm alright now.
thankx for all your concerns.
baby boy remain in my heart forever.!
when i'm free i shall upload some pictures.

  • i wan to get my own DSLR.!!!
(dont know when can achieve, but thinking.!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Scooby left today.
bye baby boy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

after those UNDASTRESS days.
Law & Marketing midterm is finally OVER.
but IS, QT2 & Macro coming up.
* not so much of a happy thought

last sat after exam,
i said, "tonight & tomorrow i die die also dont wan do anything which gotta do with studies.!!"
say ni,
Jian Yong : later after exam we discuss Law assignment ok.?
Me : (fine!) ok la. after exam we go your house do.
Jian Yong : Kar Mun will cook lunch for you all la. wan eat.?
Me : (cheer alil) ok la.

after awhile..

PS : tonight we discuss marketing assignment ok a.?
Me : har.!! but i dont know what time my law assignment finish wor...
(damn reluctant)
PS : after you finish you come over la.
Me : ok la ok la.
(my plan hancur la. have to do assignments)

but after finishing law assignment, was "quite" late already. so i dint make it to the marketing assignment. but i finished my part, so i sent to them. i felt bad. but. . . i'm was very tired after studying for 2 days and was under-PATHETIC-stress.


today was suppose to wake up at 6.30 am and go jog and then go see basketball competition at Westlake's basketball court. Set alarm, suppose to ring at 6.15am.
but hor....
when i open my eyes and look at my phone it's already 12 ++pm. (blush!) then saw 2 of my roommate also still sleeping and half awake. (lol)

lately i cant hear my alarm ringing. i wonder did i of it or it JUST dint ring. but, i know i set it. i saw.!! but every morning when i wake up. the alarm is already not snoozed. is OFF.!!
** i wonder what happened. (wide grin) . due to that hor... i was nearly late for my Marketing paper. (fuih~~)

we was just thinking
: what if we each owns a cow/buffalow and ride to Uni.?
: do we need to have "car-park" sticker.?
: **how cool would that be..... (dream-off)

too much mamak is making me grow side-ways.
need to reduce.!!

Ninja Me!