Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ushering the New Year '09

ADUI.~ aku tak de plan la. siapa mau plan apa-apa.? siapa free or nt free.? sume kerja. sedih aku. aku rindu pada kamu sume tau! SMS sume tapi tak de orang mau plan.~!! hari ini 30th DEC dy.!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Celebration.

Christmas : passed 2 hours & 20 minute ago.
24th Dec, 6.30pm :
When for carol at Aunty Reb's office & Aunty Jo's (Aunty Bling Bling"you'll knw why later) house.
Christmas countdown.
This year I was in Rum Jungle. For the first time, COUNTDOWN IN A PUB/"CLUB". It wasn't that interesting either. I was there with Edwin. It was suppose to be some ELS thinggy. But he wanted to bring me along. So, I TAGGED along since CP is there. When in at about 11pm, drink (*drank 1 bottle only), danced, and..... nothing else ....... lol. It's just another plain clubbing night. While the christmas feel was there for about 10minute.??? When they played, Joy To The World & Silent Night. Then back to shake shake music dy. We hanged out until about 2 plus then we when down to East, ABC and makan minum (*YAM CHA SESSION). Then, we when home. (ok, me & CP when home. the rest when back to Kampar). Reached home about 3 plus. Then made a few called then sleep. ------thatallwedid------*my wonderful friend had too much scandal in the club until if i come too close to him, i see EYES lookin.***
This year's chirstmas was nothing much different than any other years.
25th Dec, 9.15am :
When to churh with Kenny ("the korean boy opposite my house) for christmas service.
Programe line-up :
Carol & Skit
Sunday School Presentation
Christmas Message
Song Presentation (by Elizabeth)
Dance Presentation (by Sunday School)
Dance Presentation (by Youth)
Present Giving
Song Presentation (by Sabrina)
Buffet Lunch
overall the whole thing was good as usual the .................................."toilet break"................................ ok. continue. it was the typical christmas celebration. but it's fun because i've been missing in action, MIA for quite some time now. when back to church, see some familiar faces. it's something good. knowing the fact that my Father still loves me is WONDERFUL. this is the whole purpose of christmas. a season for forgivenes. hmmm.. i think this is what i wanted to conclude for this year's christmas. new year is coming.! new year, new resolution!!
:: oh, Aunty Bling Bling story came about when. ... .. .. ..
Me (to Zyan) : Wah, Aunty Josephine's very BLING today o.
Kenny (*KOREAN) : uh.~ so, that. Aunty Bling. [**pointing to Aunty Jo]
Me + Zyan : *****blur*****stunt*****confused***looking at him*****
No, no, no... that is Aunty Jo. Her bag very BLING not her name.
Kenny (*that is why i emphasize) : *PAISEH!~ laugh* oh. Aunty JOSEPHINE. *LOL*

Another Thing.

Sometime i wonder, whether is it just me or it a general thing.
Do i really don't know how to treat one right.?
Or is just that people like to tell me to treat one better.?
Hmm.. people just like to tell me. . . . stuff like.. .. .
"Treat him better la."
"Go talk to your friend la."
"Why you leave him/her alone."
"Be romantic to him abit la."
"Appreciate him la."
So, is it just that it's normal or i really treat people that bad.?
Seriously, do i treat my friends badly a.?

Come come come. come give me some comment on this.
If really so....

**learning not to trust people. i feel very dumb. always get conned. or mayb i'm just that dumb. hmmm. hard hard.

Thursday, December 18, 2008



okok, as you can guess, i watched Transporter 3 last night. lol. it was quite a good movie indeed. ACTION MOVIE.!! lol. i enjoyed it la. plus, yesterday movie ticket was only RM6. not bad right.? lol. Actually yesterday it was quite a fun night-out. cause me Mei and Mohan when out together. me&Mei actually made a great plan. we spent Mohan for dinner and movie. this is because all this while also he treat us, he bring us out. so we plan to do this for him la. oh ya.~! we also bought him a teddy bear. lol (it's not gay k.? it's cute.!!) haha. **we did let him pay the car parking ticket. lol. thx Mohan.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


this week i'm going to :-
  1. go KL.
  2. go back Ipoh.
  3. go Racing Drift Auto Show.
  4. go Rum Jungle. (for e first time, for some fiesta)
  5. go find all old friends. (miss them so much)
  6. stay in Ipoh.
  7. see MAMA.
  8. celebrate CHRISTMAS.

this is my almost one whole week plan dy. *sigh* i want to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua.!!

another thing.. today i received a msg,:

" Hey, miki here.. Tomoro we'll meet at 6.30am, DJP house for DiGi programme.
Plz lemme know if u have ur own transport to hyatt saujana, subang "

obviously, i was stunt. why would suddenly i receive such msg right.? i dint sign up or i dint get any news about it also right.? ( i got attact to this DJP thing is because of Trailblazer the other time) but this time no one tell me anything about it a. i dint even know. so i ignored. lol. (who knows, wrong msg right?)

then, after a few hours, Miki called. she ask me about it. so i was stunt and asked her why am i involved, then she answered, Joyce say you might be available ma. so i was like.... " i'm still in penang la. and i just got the news". so she say ok she will tell Joyce about it. *sigh* if i knew earlier i ma can go lo. right.? it might be fun k.? (understanding khatrine lim's nature, she likes this kind of stuff) lol.

my fond-ness.--

i'm suppose to blog about something today.
but i'm just not in the mood to write about that.
i think lately i'm a'lil abnormal dy la.
my brains not working the way it should.
for the pass few days my brain has been lagging~!!
slow, blur & wrong
( which i think the owner lag, the gadgets also lag. my comp and my phone also lag )
**my fond-ness, logging into the profile and look and feel a'lil sad. for no practical reason.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


blue blue BLUE. ~

monday's blue.
lazee-ness of monday. lol. it's 11.25am.
i'm suppose to start working.
start to write ma invoice and make some calls.

hmmm. khatrinelim and her kemalasan cannot be splited.

Friday, December 12, 2008

4.05 a.m

guess what i'm doing up so late.~!!

my beloved friend wong sze yan re-lived her childhood years again today. causing me, KHATRINE LIM to get addicted along. today, she open her long lost Neopets's account. *remember, last time, 3 / 4 years ago. the online game we play..??* lolx. i got addicted as well with the old skool games and quite lil creatures. and i play till now. i am like super SUPER sleepy. but still stuck to the games. lolx. that girl became cuckooo until she wore her P-jamies inside out. she was extremely HIGH. lol. the lack of sleep can cause alcohol to "invade" the brain system and make one "drunK". there she goes. LMAO-ing.

*my eyes are super heavy.!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

a'lil update.

*please be noticed that this will only be a short short update of khatrine lim.*
ok. khatrine lim is back from Melaka & KL and now she is in Kampar. there's a possibility that she will go down to Ipoh tomorrow and go back to Penang the following day.
thats all.
dont miss me so much ya~! i'll be back. soon. lol. real SOON.
** khatrine lim: still desperate and will remain so for some time. sigh.
*** khatrine lim: looking around, feeling jealous & SAD.
**** khatrine lim: is so immatured and unhappy. (jealousy is overtaking her)
***** khatrine lim: wants you so much.
****** khatrine lim: the one that she wants, doesn't wants her.
******* khatrine lim: i'm know i'm not what you want.
******** khatrine lim: dedicating this to. . . ... ... she also dont know who.
********* khatrine lim: wishing that someone will come into her life now.
********** khatrine lim: NOW !!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Miss Complain-Freak

*drum roo-ooo-ll-llll*
The Award Miss Complain-Freak Will Be Awarded to
due to the fact that she does complaint ALOT.!

Ninja Me!