Friday, August 29, 2008

arrhh.... finals..

finals sux.
i haven even start preparing yet.
finals is like AROUND d corner.
i'm so DOOMed
i'm still going to CAMERONS tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

here I am.

lolX. here I am.
waiting for my friends to finish class.
nothing to do else than sit in the lab and online.
nobody in the lab also. normally friday is very quite la.
only there's like less than 20 people here.
it's like so quite, I can here my typing. which is alil' too loud.

i want to buy a new phone.
phone in need deprately.
my phone aka mum's phone gonna KO soon.
but I have no idea of which phone to get.
hmm.. i wan a touch screen phone.
Apple iPhone??
too common. alot people wants it.
so i was thinking of a 5Mp's phone.
which resorted me to ... Sony Erisson c902.
and there's a 8.1Mp's phone coming out C905.
but the price sure melebih-lebih. hahaha.

W902 also not bad.

sorry cant upload picture. hahaha.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

i'm practically VERY DISAPPOINTED.

i'm disappointed.

ok ok,
let me ask you, when you "ajak" somebody for a movie/join you for a movie, what do you do.?
a) buy her ticket
b) ask her wether need to buy tickt for her ant. (if yes then buy for her)
c) ask her buy extra ticket, for herself. (because you bought ticket dy)
d) dint buy her ticket, expect her to buy herself. (last minute)

as for me, my answer will be either a or b la.
normal la. ask you join me watch movie sure buy your ticket also gei ma.

but this is what happen-ed just now.

i was shopping in Jusco, just to get a pair of jeans.
so, as normal, SHOP ni la.

after shop, before i go home, i SMS-ed a friend of mine, a Kampar fella. ask him what he doing la. "biasa" la. cause i was bored. was waiting for my dad to come, then he say, "going Ipoh watch movie lo, want join?". so i was like with who with who. then he replied, "with them lo. (them=the rest of the friends la, i know wan la.). then my next question was, what movie. he answer-ed, "Dark Knight, want join ?".
so, since i haven't watch, i was all excited la. mau ikut. so i said YES,
then we plan what time to meet up all la. cause i need to go home for dinner first. so i say meet them at 11 la. (movie is at 11.20)

SO, at 11pm, i SMS-ed him ask him, "should i go find you all now?"
then he reply, "you buy ticket dy a?"
i was like, *thinking : not you all buy for me also meh>?*
then my reply was, " you all buy ticket dy a?"
he reply, " YES."
then, i was...... *speechless* reply,"got buy for me a?"
he say, "no wor, no more ticket jo".

what theee... is like.... you ask me join you all, but dint buy ticket for me... i join what wor..????

i was very disappointed dint get to watch Dark Knight.

sad sad sad.



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