Tuesday, July 29, 2008

inspired by ....

life is like so short. things come and go just like that. lately i met alot of people that made a different in my life. people whom i met from 21st, event and school is making a different in my life each day. May 2008, i came into a new class T6. met a bunch of strangers. i'm the only one from ipoh in the class. and most of them i've never met them before in my life. it's quite scary at first. it's like "Gosh! i'm so lost!" but today. just after 2months we are friends. 18July. went and help out in Trailblazer event. met another group of people. i was patheticly alone again. i when there alone. TOTAL alone. haha. dont ask me why i ever so dumb when to a place alone with a BUNCH of total stranger*who have a group of friends*. hahah. i was assign into the task group. still alone. haha. lucky-ly met a few nice people there. met Thanh, Kelvin, Ryan, Rachel, Joshua, Sherene and MANY MANY more. they treat me very well thou.~ hahah. after the first day, i wasn't that lonely anymore.hahaha. in the end of the event, i got a few new friends. haha. @21st, i when back to work at 21st. met back usual people. and got closer to some people. all these people whom i met gave me my up and down in my life every day. some they make me so sad but sometime they really do make me very happy. this is the gits of life.


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