Monday, April 7, 2008

updating AT last~

it's been very VERY VERY VERY long since i last updated ma blog ey..


this week is the last week of schooling in year1/sem3 of Foundation.. next week will be study week and the following week will be FINALS.!! after that i'll be entering ma degree course.. hymmm.. dengan pantas s'kali.. i've been in Kampar for ONE YEAR.. sad thought or happy thought ?? entah-lah.!! *sigh* meet alots of new friends, tried alots of new things, seen alots of new stuff,... etc ... m'i lovin' it or not.?? i also dont know la.. it's just LIFE..!! LIFE!!!

oh ya~ this (12/4)SAT and (13/4)SUN is UTAR, Kampar Campus's OPEN DAY.!! all are welcome-d to come and join us.!! who have not been in this campus.. then grap this oppurtunity to come in le.>! =)

Ninja Me!