Thursday, February 21, 2008

1Litre Of Tears.

Today i watch my FIRST JAPANESE drama series. It is the ever-famous
1 Litre of Tears. Let me tell you.~ first my friend told me that anyone who watch this show will cry but as usual, i dont believe la.. cause i dont normally cry when watch Japanese or Korean movies.. ESPECIALLY drama/series.. i find them quite lame la.. no offense.. but come on la.. those Winter Sonata all.. i dont und la.. cause its like so predictable.. the main actress will die the actor will cry.. thats mainly all.. hmmm.. but i tried to watch this show la.. cause they say it's based on a true story.. SO, coincidently on the last day of exam i saw one of my friend who have this DVD which have English subtitles.. faham-faham la this B.A.N.A.N.A cant read chinese.. XD.. so i took back for the whole sem break i dint watch it.. WHY>? simple reason.. my "high class" laptop cant play "cheap DVD" in another words, my cheap laptop cant play that DVD.. so until today suddenly i remembered my dad's DVD player *smart.? after 2 weeks, today ni realize that there's a DVD player at home. SWT!* so.. i watch the show today for bout 8 hours i sat there glued to the TV and cry quite a few times.. *repeat* CRIED a few times.. this series was really touching.. its about a giel who is dignosed with a uncurable disease and the whole show talks about how she and her family cope with her disease until her very last the process she found love and friends who are true to her. its not another lovey-dovey korean japanese drama.. it a real life real story thinggy.. ARGH!! i still have another 3 chapther to finish the whole thing.. mayb tomorrow go back Kampar ni continue le.. hope can get a laptop which plays this DVD.. hmmmm..

Last Post In Ipoh.=[


sem3 starting this Mon.
tomorrow morning go pay water bill. go saloon. go take bus.
go school take timetable. fill in form for OpenDay.

my grandpa moving out this Sat. and also my cousin.
and also the maid. i gonna miss her.
i'm also gonna miss the kids at home when i'm back in Kampar.
suddenly, i feel like i dont wanna go back tomorrow.

i watched Secret by Jay Chou last Wed.
need to get a new phone soon. phone's battery spoilled. phone might blow up one day.
need to work hard for sem3.
need to revive CDC. requirtment drive coming.

gotten my result. wasn't up to my expectation. but surviving.
Writting for Business [A-]
Writting for Mass Comm. [C+]
Intoduction to Sociology [B]
Management Studies [B+]
Fundamentals of Marketing [B]
Web Page Design [A-]

*have faith and God will bless us.*

room to let, 1531, Westlake, Kampar.
fully furnished. washing-machine, stove, fridge, heater. etc.
(contact Mr.Ng, 0165219501/ Khat, 0165470973)


Tension studying for exam the next day.

I sat there watching for bout 6 hours.


AND he was sitting there, eating and ATE non-stop.~!!

I sat there and made these and COLOURED these with highlighter to cure me bored-ness.

After i came back to Ipoh,

Time to entertain this naughty giel, Calleigh.!!

She have grown so much and be came a VERY talkative girl.

BUT still she's very cute.

YET, she's VERY NOISY.!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

a good question.##

this question only apply to student who studied science in BM.

translate "rak tabung uji" to english.?

tabung uji = test tube ( as everyone knows ) =="

rak = ?? shelf ??

straight translation

so rak tabung uji should be like "test-tube shelf"??

right ?

sound kind weird.~


test-tube holder ?

test-tube stand ?


*search The Web and see.. and we found the answer.. *

the answer is



so, it was like ...

rak = rack !!

me and Eugene was like ROFL dy, cause is like damn "DAMN" straight translation.. we susah-susah think until dont know where.. ish!!

( all this started because my friend SMS me and ask me what's rak in English.. so i answered him shelf.. thinking those rak you put in toilet or wad la.. after that only he told is for rak tabung uji. )

* Happy Valentine's Day to all.~!! =)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

dont say i dint say..-

i just wanna say that i miss you~ all my housemates.. hehe.. VERY MUCH.! lolx. miss the time we talk talk talk and the only time we stop is when we eat and sleep. and also when in class.. hahaha.. without you all.. my mouth rest too much.. haha..

and i also miss some one. =)

"happy valentine's day everyone.!!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

what i did yesterday and today.. lol

dint really did anything until bout 9.30pm. Hon Kit came and fetch me so we when yam cha.. @4 different places.. first stop.. Mc.D.. i had sundae choc. second stop.. ABC.. Yew Kong & Eric was there.. dint drink.. saw a few friends there.. third stop.. ER(some pub la).. drank bout 2 cup beer.. then i was a little tipsy but still ok la.. not drunk just TIPSY.!! last stop.. a mamak near RUMs.. i had sirap ais.. after that when home and sleep..

woke up bout 9am cause suppose to go out with Hoong Fei then he breakfast with family.. so.. until 1pm ni go out.. when to SMI walk walk walk walk walk sit sit sit drink drink drink.. mainly wasting time.. haha.. reach SMI at 1.10pm left bout 3pm.. then go Chatter's place in Greentown yam cha.. until 5pm i go to Jusco.. wait for one "si yeh" fella.. 6pm he arrive, dinner with his friend, then buy movie ticket.. CJ7 @ 9pm.. then we was like "sien sei" lo.. it was like 7.15pm only.. so we just walk walk walk la.. then go for movie lu.. then balik type this blog.. the movie was kinda ok la. quite funny+touching.. here's a short review of it la.. worth watching la.. lol.~

A fantasy tale featuring state of the art visual effects, CJ7 is a comedy about a poor laborer father played by STEPHEN CHOW and his young son. When a fascinating and strange new pet enters their lives, they learn a poignant lesson about the true nature of family and the things money can’t buy.

* nothing else better to type here.. thats why.. lolx.!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


AT LAST, i have a facebook account which i plan to do something about..
since dont know when i've been hearing about facebook.. first from Kah Mun then Jonathan. here i COME after dont know how how long... lol.. holiday is really bored weh~ dont know wan to do what.. hmm.. oh yah!! this coming sat (16th) my church is having a "YOUTH CHAP GOH MEH STEAMBOAT" there will be a skit, presentation and FOOD and GREAT TIMES.!

*trying to update my stupid facebook but it turns out to be really COMPLICATED!! can faint any moment.!!*
above all,
planning a outing with a "sesated" friend memang susah !! haha.. =P

Friday, February 8, 2008

2nd day of CNY~

2nd day of CHINESE NEW YEAR.
I slept almost the half of the day.. *had a NOT that great dream, that is stuck in my mind UNTIL NOW*.. after that i woke up then watch T.V @ about 2pm ==" dint left the house until 9.30pm.. when out to bank in money fot Lee Yee.. then come home.. sat in front of comp. saw those irristable ang pao packets.. so, I decided to open them and calculate the $$ inside.. then DENGAN PENUH SEMANGAT when to my mum's room wanna change in to bigger notes.. *easier to keep ma* then my mum was like " Today 2nd day of CNY only so fast open all your ang pao(s) a.. *nagnagnagnagnag* >.< " then sadly walk back to my room and type this post la.. after this i wan go watch T.V.. TV3 got "The Myth" by Jackie Chan.. haven watch before.. some one told me it's nice.. hmm.. go watch first la.. hmm.. nothing actually happen today.. just another boring day.~ lolx.!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

long LONG long lost BLOG is back !

After all the long awaiting.. here come my blog again.. hope it's not hangat-hangat tahi ayam again la..

It's 2008 and not much have changed thou.. =/

What's new?

- I moved into a new place.. from 1550 to 1531.. with all my housemates, 1 ex-housemate+gf, a new fella.. we still have a empty double-room.. oh ya.!! let me tell you a freaky story bout a freaky fella in my U..

*A friend of mine who is working in the hostel office told us that there was this guy by the name Caleb got kicked out of the hostel cause he when and create a "crime scene" in his house where he smeard artificial blood on the stairs ( which are white mable stairs ) and acted like he was murdered in the house @ 3a.m and when his housemate return home they was like panick and shocked so they ran to the guard house and made a report. ( IMAGINE u see a stairs full of blood and a guy lying there with a knife.~~~~ ) That guy could also sneak in to his housemate's room and hide under their bed and scare them.. *swt!!* IN ADDITION, he also when and say..
"Do you believe that I can kill you with a pen and not be jailed for it just because I have mental problem.?"
Seriously, imagine if you were staying with this kind of people weh.. When we heard this story we quickly ran and took down the "ROOM TO LET" board.. and.. message our owner telling him to beware of this fella.. and DO NOT EVER LET HIM INTO OUR HOUSE.!!
( I guess we over-reacted la.. but imagine if you were to stay with this fella.. PANICK!!)

It's my 2nd sem break.. and it's CHINESE NEW YEAR !! ANG PAO time !! wuhooo~


What have i done/am i doing this sem break.?

- when Penang.. <eat and eat and EAT and EAT> (in conclusion, ATE alot.)
- lose weight!!!!! LOSE WEIGHT!!
- do something to my hair.. >.<>long "left" friends..
- get back to GOD !! i've been quite lost lately.. =(

Today 1st day of Chinese New Year..
As every year's routine, we go around people's house bai nian, take ANG PAO$$, eat cookies, talk talk talk.. go next house/go home..
*but what's different this year is that, I when around with my youths members, so.. it's a little more fun la somehow..*

Ninja Me!