Monday, January 9, 2012

Food Of The Day - Jan 9

Today I pretty had a few "special" food. Something that is common but served in a odd way. LOL

A very ultra dry Sub of The Day - Italian BMT - FYI, there's 3 sauce inside.

Garlic Bread with Thousand Island & Mayo - apparently it dint taste bad. LOL 
Actually there's another one. Which is my usual Starbucks Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha Frappucino, I told them I wanted extra Raspberry drizzle but in the end it came like few drops of drizzle on the whip cream only. Damn disappointing. =( *dint take picture cause it was dark* 

However, there's something nice about today. *jeng jeng!*

A bowl of Home Cooked ABC Soup. =)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

things beyond my control

sometime i just wish that life could be so much simple and easy each day. things happen beyond my control. and we do bump into sucky people sometime. and again i got my life and relationships all screwed up, fallin apart. it always happens when i thought i have just found yourself a right place to be and the right people. but the reality is that its not so simple.

5years back, it happened once and this time again. i avoided the whole scenario this round because i've learned my lesson but this time there is a bitch that creates story and made the whole situation sounded horrible.

i would say i have totally nothing to do with this whole thing and the girls are just being TOO DAMN DRAMA. wtf! im so sick and tired of all these shyte la. i will just walk out of this whole damn thing and not bothering to explain myself to anyone of you all la. it just damn blardy sickening.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Absinthe - Spot the Green Fairy

I dont remember when and where I first heard of this drink - Absinthe from. But as far as I remembered, it's a banned alcoholic drink cause it is said that it contains some addictive psychoactive drugs in it and it is believe to be hallucinogenic - you can see green fairy after you drink.

(photo source : Google)
So, as usual.. I always thought of finding this and give it a try. Hoping to see green fairy flying around~ mayb she can grant me 3 wishes. LOL

Recently during New Year's Eve I found this Absinthe at a bar in Times Square Penang, Z Classroom but I dint try it as I dont feel like having any drink at all. Then few days ago, found it in the menu of an Irish Bar - Healy Mac's in Straits Quay Penang. So, my friend finally decided to order it. pssst ~ I dint try it yet and I plan to try it soon. LOL

According to him, it tasted like normal liquor and definitely he did not see any fairy. And today I read, it was just a myth that you can see fairy. *disappointingtothemax!*

For more information, do refer to the following links :- oh btw, you can get it easily in Malaysia today. It has been brought in by TWE in year 2009. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

FREEZE . Ice. Magic. Excitement

A'lil trip up the hazy mountain after Christmas is the best getaway one can get.
The reason for my trip up Genting this time is actually to collect the prize that I won for the Genting Blogger Competition previously (it's a Sony Cybershot for goodness sake! *wide grin!*) and also to watch the Freeze, Malaysia one and only ice skating + magic show (courtesy of Mei Ching from Resort World Genting)

Dropped by The Visitors Galleria for a little tour and to pick up a copy of Genting newsletter

and also the prize! <3
This is not my first time being to show brought by Genting and what I can say is they are VERY good. Trust me! They will never fail you. You should watch if you are ever in Genting. It is something different that just theme park, shopping and casinos. It's a good experience.

FREEZE - 3rd NOV onwards
Pictures speaks louder than words. I shall some pictures of the show itself and you guys can judge by that.
One picture I took before the show starts. Very nice setup!

(photo courtesy : Mei, Resort World Genting) as we are not allow to take pictures inside.
This is the guy who came out and insisted that he is David Copperfield. LOL. He is hillarious tho.
Stilt man with light suit. It's amazing how he can walk on stilt on icy surface *salute!* 
The illusionists doing some disappearing act. Couldn't keep my eyes of them but they disappeared from my sight! *gasp!*
This is one of the interesting act where the illusionist was placed into spining turbine and she came out alive.
Read it again, ALIVE!
A group of acrobatic from China. They are damn good. Seriously! Must SEE. I'm impressed.
Another scary moment. *panic attack soon!*
This is the greatest highlight where the illusionist was ......... see for youself. I cant explain this. I was really struck in awe when the machine actually screwed into her body. *palm face/gasp!* and she was alive after that with NO holes.
One of the Olympic standard skating act. This is my first time watching ice skating in such beautiful choreography.
Tell me after looking at these picture on top, you guys are not tempted to watch. >.< I dont believe you. It's was seriously a good AWESOME show. 

If you are interested, below I put in the ticket price and also the packages available. GO BOOK NOW! 

This is the ticket price only
This is the room package price - 1 night stay + 2 buffet breakfast + 2 PS1 FREEZE show ticket 

This includes 1 FREEZE show ticket + 1 buffet meal
Do log on to their website if you want to know more

I would go again if I could. awwww~

Friday, December 23, 2011

Embracing the Christmas Mode

It's Christmas eve.
What's your plan for tomorrow?
Hmmmm.. I know I will be with my lovelies.
What about you?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice Festival

22 December 2011 marks the day when sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest and also it's the day where we celebrate the Dongzhi Festival (Winter Solstice Festival). Dongzhi Festival is a time where family get together to make and eat tangyuan (湯圓), the balls of glutinous rice, which symbolize reunion. Normally in my family, we make our tangyuan in 4 colors which represents the 4 seasons (summer, autumn, fall and winter) but some people prefer to do it just white.

This year around I celebrated the Dongzhi Festival twice. One with my family from Ipoh (Mum & Dad) and second one with my lovelies in Penang. The first round was a more perfect and more nicely done compare to the one I did myself in Penang. Mum is always the best (in providing guidance and help). The following pictures shows the whole process of how tangyuan was done (in my house).

Prep the flour 4 colors ( red-autumn, yellow-fall, green-summer and white-winter )
Roll roll roll and round they be
Put them in boiling water
When they are done, put them in cold water
Take them out and put them into a bowl with sweet soup. wahla! SERVED!
The second round started of with a minor hiccup where I when back to Penang and realized that in Penang glutinous flour gets sold out during the Dongzhi  Festival. I when around Penang search high and low for it and in the end got it from a mall, Sunshine Square.

4 malls and 2 convenient shops for ONE packet of this flour. 
And it dint turn out well as I failed the first batch of trying to make the dough. I added too much water. LOL. It was so sticky that we threw it away. Victor and Allen was at my house helping out, along with my housemates Kim, Keat and Ben. <3 you guys to the make and thanks for bearing with my epic failure and the not-so-good tasting tangyuan.

This is how it turned out to look like.
6 bowls of nice balls - Sean Tierney
Rolled by Victor & looks like him.
In the end, we enjoyed the process more than the meal itself as it dint really taste good (sweet soup wasn't sweet enough and quantity, too little) but main point we had fun and Victor learned to scrap of the ginger skin and Allen rolled tangyuan for the first time (if I not mistaken)

I ended up with flour all over my hair and body >.<
Thank guys for tonight! Too bad for David who cant make it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Kiss

take me by my hand,
pull me close to you,
so close that i could rest my head on your shoulder,
slowly we sway as we dance under the moonlight,
the softness of your every step swept me off my feet,
closed my eyes as i feel safe in your embrace,
please do not let this night end cause i will miss your touch, your smell and your warmth.
please never let me go ever again.

#effect of listening to much emo songs.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dedication to Genting - Genting Blog Competition

Dear Genting :

You have always been there.

I still have the picture of 'lil me riding my fav dinosaur ride in the Theme Park Hotel's indoor theme park hanging on the wall. Always reminding me of the good times I had in Genting and it is seriously something, somewhere where I grew up with. My first trip to Genting is when I was 4 years old and until today I still make trips up to Genting for the entertainment and the weather.

Well, we are never too old for the Merry-Goes-Round

Dear Genting :

I wish you great growth and future expansion.

I know Genting is the biggest theme park in  Malaysia but I still wish to see Genting growing into a more FUN-FILLED with MORE rides and entertainment to offer. When I was young, I have this Genting Annual Passport thing where I pay once to get access to Lenting for whole year round. Those days I really do goes up Genting almost every weekend. That time all I look out for is - NEW RIDES. *pssst~ it can get really boring to ride the same ride over and over again in Genting every weeks. but that is where I first found the joy of shopping in Genting =)*

Lastly :



Khatrine Lim

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hotel and Accommodation - Genting Blog Competition

The usual happening place
The normal place that I would normally stay during my trip up is *jeng jeng!* First World Hotel.
The reason behind it is so simple.

  1. It's price = Reasonable
  2. Environment = It has a SHOPPING MALL in it. *shopaholic's heaven!* Not to mention also a INDOOR THEME PARK and lotso FOOOD outlets.
  3. Convenient = Near to everything. Just have to take the escalator and you will be there. No need to go out into the COLD OUTSIDE.
Actually it has always been a fixed thing that we would stay in First World Hotel whenever we are up. Even we are not staying there, we are sure to go there also. However, one negative thing about the First World Hotel is that the rooms are REALLY small but what do you expect from a value for money room right? *cheers!* So overall, it's NOT-THAT-BAD tho. Sometime we do get unexpected upgrade to a bigger room which has 2 Queen size bed and all. It's was a pleasant stay.

First World is actually filled with lots of entertainment. My best would be the Ripley's Believe It Or Not - the one you always watch on TV featuring weird stuff. Yah~ here you get to experience it right in front of your eyes. There is alot *i meant ALOT!* of interesting for you to explore and I guarantee you that you can spend whole day just trying to solve all the mysterious stuff in there lo.

Else that just this.. Let me tell you what - First World also has much retails that you can shop in and they are always having SALES!! Trust me. Shopping in Genting is NOT expensive as most people would think and they fashion collection there are more up to date. Back in those days, I would actually goes up to Genting just to shop *evil grin!* I would call it, retail therapy *especially with the cold weather, I tend to shop more//SHOP TILL I DROP!!* =X

Try for yourself and you will know. 

Flora & Fauna - Genting Blog Competition

"As the fog comes in and wind breezes, a shade of sunlight hits the face but nonetheless its ain't hot. Sounds of humming bees and chirping birds fills the sky."
The phrase above perfectly describe the weather and environment of Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands Resort is set in midst of lush natural flora and fauna of the Malaysia rainforest. As you take the skyway up Genting from Gothong Jaya you will witness the wonder of Mother Nature as the whole ground below is carpeted with the green canopy.

BTW, as you walk along the corridors in Genting you will realize that their flowers actually grows very pretty. Their colors are vibrant and they bloom so beautifully. I guess the weather provide them the best environment to grow.

Thus, I strongly believe if a person were to stay longer in Genting Highlands, the nicer completion they will have. I strongly believe is the secret magic of Genting weather. *wink!*

Ninja Me!